Japan Thread

Seems like loads of us are planning to go to Sunrise Land soon, so I thought it is time to start a thread.

Currently planning on doing the usual Tokyo/Kyoto/Osaka. I have a friend who lives in Yamagata but that’s quite out the way so not sure how to work that in.

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I’d post a long list of suggestions, but it might be worth waiting until the board migrates across and restarting this thread then, because it will be lost as it’s been made after the backup.

In the mean time:

Me and my 13 year old daughter went to New York last month and both loved it. We’re thinking where to go next and Tokyo seems favourite but my worry is, is there plenty to do/see?

oh my god, yes. As Marckee says, might be a good idea to pause this thread until migration is complete, but as a holding measure, I’ll say it would take literally years to exhaust Tokyo.


Yeah like @riverwise said, I had three weeks there and barely scratched the surface. Definitely the most stuff to do of any city I’ve ever been to, and by miles.


Thanks @riverwise and @Mert I’ll keep an eye on this thread.

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Also looking to do this trio in March next year. The TV wants to head upto Hokkaido, but don’t think we’ll have time in the 2 weeks we have penciled.


Hoping to go October/November for 3 weeks next year so this thread will definitely come in handy.

I’ve been lucky enough to go twice and desperate to go back a third time. Used to hand out loads of advice to anyone who asked, but really the best advice is that you don’t really need recommendations because everything is class and you’ll find your own adventures when you get there.

Oh, apart from Yokocho, I’ll recommend them all day long. There’s a few of them around Tokyo and other cities will likely have them too. They’re tightly packed alleyways stuffed with wee bars, Izakayas and Yakitori joints. VIBES.

And I’d say it’s essential to eat the sandwiches from 7 Eleven/Family Mart/Lawson (the egg salad one is a must) and try any other snacks you think look interesting. The hot stuff at the counter is actually really good. Drink Coffee Boss from vending machines.

You probably know already about the Japan rail pass but if you’re doing a few cities it should save you a bit of money.

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just a quick bonus tip: unless you have a baller data package, a portable wifi cloud is much cheaper, easy to rent, and can be picked up and dropped off at airports.


This is essential I’d say.


Finally booked my first 5 days in Tokyo. Decided a capsule hotel would be ok as I’m going to be doing so much outside I just need somewhere to dump my bag and kip. This place looks really cute and is well located so I’m happy with it. Probably going to wait a sec before booking anything else just in case.


Going in April next year. Been studying all the threads on here and putting together some plans.

We’ve only got two weeks (so 11 full days without travelling) so I think we’re going to settle for just being based in Tokyo the entire time, with a night or two in either Hakone or Nikko. Probably leaning towards the former right now. If anyone has a tip for a specific ryokan they stayed in there, that would be greatly appreciated!

Will also try and get a day trip in down to Kamakura/Yokohama. Obviously we’ll be missing a ton of non-Tokyo area stuff but I feel like stretching it too much will end up with us maybe feeling a bit anxious and not really being able to fully enjoy anywhere. Probably go back some other time and do the western part Honshu instead.

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oh we stayed in a fucking great hakone ryokan, hang on will getcha a link.

It’s a modern one, so if you’re after traditional vibes this aint for you, BUT it’s close to everything you might want to do in Hakone. Having said that, if you’re going in april the winds might be too high to hit the Ropeway. It has hot springs, individually bookable private bathing, great food, super comfy sleeping setup.

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If you don’t mind me asking, how much are you looking at for April flights? We’re planning to go back there in April as well, but bloody hell it’s pricey getting there these days! We have to go in the first two weeks because of Easter holidays, which isn’t helping the price I guess, but then again end of April is always expensive because of Golden Week and hanami season

Just fyi people looking at going in April: the week starting 29th April is Golden Week which is a week of public holidays so everything is going to be very busy and expensive.

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Think it’s looking like in the region of £1000 - £1250. Hadn’t actually factored in the Golden Week issue. Nothing booked yet so might push it back post May 5th.