Japandroids at Birthdays tonight

Should be good, eh?

:japan: :robot:

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Where u pre-drinking, knickers?

I have no idea. Any suggestions?


UPDATE: maybe the Three Compasses

This gig will be awesome. Glad to have them back.

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They’ve sorted out the garden at the front now so you don’t have to sit in a round.

Very excited for this!

So gutted I missed out on tickets for this

Pretty stoked to be going. Their tour is pretty mad, coming from Toronto to Birthdays then back to Brooklyn.

Really looking forward to it. I thought it might be a farewell tour but it seems they have new material on the way! Anyone know who’s down to support?

Bloody hell I can’t be arsed to go there from hoxton

a band called Slowcoaches

oh they’re great

I enjoyed Japandroids but fuck is Birthdays is dreadful.
The worst possible shape for a gig venue and always way too busy.
Had more fun when I gave up on standing anywhere remotely close and just slammed beers at the back of the room.

did anyone see me get spat on?

yeah i got spat on by some cunt,

Did they play any new stuff?

That’s absolutely fucking disgraceful. Were you able to do anything in response?

his spitting was in response to me shoving him back to where the shit mosh was happening. it return i threw his drink out of his hand (there was maybe a centimetre left in it) and shoved him even further back.

Urgh. I’m sorry that happened to you.

Yup, well, rather I saw the confrontation but not the spitting.

The guy was a total mess throughout.

Amazing how people are happy to act the big man and slam into people clearly deliberately standing out of their way, but get super offended when those people push back.

On the plus side, Japandroids were great and there seemed to be a small enclave of nice people standing by the speaker. And the speakers didn’t collapse onto us, which seemed semi-likely!

On the downside, I forgot, as per every single gig I go to, to take my earplugs and now my right ear is mush.