New album announced for next year, no release date yet though


Woo! Can’t wait for this. Was gutted I missed out on tickets for the Birthdays show.

New song:


Nice, I loved Celebration Rock.

Synths! Ballads! Acoustic Guitars! Welcome to Japandroids 2.0 via P4K

That headline had me prepared for disaster but quite liked the single on first listen.

Only about 1:40 into this and I love it :heart:


This didn’t immediately click with me - the cleaner vocals, the weirdly ‘produced’ feel to the backing chant - but I just listened four times in a row and am coming to the conclusion that it’s an absolute monster.

V excited for the album - is it churlish to wish it was longer than eight tracks?

On first listen, the new single sounds great, can’t wait to hear more from the album

Gigs next year:

28/04 Birmingham, England - O2 Institute Birmingham
30/04 Glasgow, Scotland - The Garage
01/05 Leeds, England - Stylus
02/05 Nottingham, England - Rescue Rooms
04/05 Manchester, England - Gorilla
05/05 Brighton, England - Concorde 2
06/05 London, England - Shepherd’s Bush Empire


Mmm, I prefer the eponymous song. I found this one a bit boring, I hope my feeling will change

It’s the same formula as before but they sound tired. Still like it though.

Nowhere near as good as the last single but yeah, I still like it. Don’t think there is a Japandroids song I don’t like. All their songs have an immediacy with me - I usually want to repeat them straight after my first listen.

It’s always the same formula with them but that’s not a criticism, it would be kind of weird if they deviated from it. I’m not really looking to them to reinvent themselves (same with bands like, I dunno, Joyce Manor).

This is beautiful, love the overlapping vocals :heart:

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Yep - love the new single. It’s a grower, and the ending ‘no known drink, no known drugs could ever hold a candle to your love’ is absolutely spot on Japandroids romance nostalgia. Exactly what I like from them - really wish the album was out NOW.

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Album streaming at NPR:




It’s making me smile big time. Love it.

True Love And The Free Life Of Will is making me tear up a bit. What’s wrong with me.

I think there’d be something wrong with you if it didn’t move you. Done with myfirst listen and it’s all so so good.