New album announced for next year, no release date yet though



Woo! Can't wait for this. Was gutted I missed out on tickets for the Birthdays show.


New song:



Nice, I loved Celebration Rock.


Synths! Ballads! Acoustic Guitars! Welcome to Japandroids 2.0 via P4K

That headline had me prepared for disaster but quite liked the single on first listen.


yeah. big and rad.


Only about 1:40 into this and I love it :heart:


This didn't immediately click with me - the cleaner vocals, the weirdly 'produced' feel to the backing chant - but I just listened four times in a row and am coming to the conclusion that it's an absolute monster.

V excited for the album - is it churlish to wish it was longer than eight tracks?


On first listen, the new single sounds great, can't wait to hear more from the album


Gigs next year:

28/04 Birmingham, England - O2 Institute Birmingham
30/04 Glasgow, Scotland - The Garage
01/05 Leeds, England - Stylus
02/05 Nottingham, England - Rescue Rooms
04/05 Manchester, England - Gorilla
05/05 Brighton, England - Concorde 2
06/05 London, England - Shepherd's Bush Empire



Mmm, I prefer the eponymous song. I found this one a bit boring, I hope my feeling will change


It's the same formula as before but they sound tired. Still like it though.


Nowhere near as good as the last single but yeah, I still like it. Don't think there is a Japandroids song I don't like. All their songs have an immediacy with me - I usually want to repeat them straight after my first listen.

It's always the same formula with them but that's not a criticism, it would be kind of weird if they deviated from it. I'm not really looking to them to reinvent themselves (same with bands like, I dunno, Joyce Manor).


This is beautiful, love the overlapping vocals :heart:


Yep - love the new single. It's a grower, and the ending 'no known drink, no known drugs could ever hold a candle to your love' is absolutely spot on Japandroids romance nostalgia. Exactly what I like from them - really wish the album was out NOW.


Album streaming at NPR:




It's making me smile big time. Love it.


True Love And The Free Life Of Will is making me tear up a bit. What's wrong with me.