I think there'd be something wrong with you if it didn't move you. Done with myfirst listen and it's all so so good.


Argh. On the road today - can't wait to get onto this - have been hoping for a stream for ages.


Aye, it's magic.


So great.

love this band


Arc of the Bar is so majestic. Oh. Fucking. My.


Very good album, but I still prefer the first two works.
The track I'm Sorry (For Not Finding You Sooner) is very emotional, my favourite one!


Really like this on first go.


Yeah, couple of listens through. This is great. Fucking love Japandroids.


Great record. Probably not quite up there with Celebration Rock but I think it's a great statement. Really interested to see if the bigger, shinier sound can translate live in some grimy little venues.

True life and a free life of free will
I'm sorry
Arc of Bar

is a fantastic little run.


I've discovered them with this album, and I have to say that they're great! Now I can't wait to see them in Primavera Sound!


Oof. Tough pitchfork review.

I agree with the substance of it, as I've thought all the things it mentions in relation to this album, but I still think it bangs.

Sounds like the writer held them to a standard that perhaps didn't actually exist on the previous albums...


Pitchfork are totally wrong about Arc of Bar, that's an absolute beast.


I've not listened to the album yet but that review was pretty scathing especially to a record that they're giving a 7.1..


Reviewer is entitled to his opinion and whatever, but comparing them to The Black Keys and calling them a MOR band makes it seem like the guy is just trolling.


A much better review in my opinion, and not just because it's more favourable. Actually seems to focus on the songs and why the band work rather than just lamenting that it doesn't quite match up to Celebration Rock.


First listen this morning, played very loud in the car. I bloody love this. What a record!

Would say Arc of Bar is the track I'm least keen on at the moment but maybe that'll change. Not like I hate it or anything.

Really chuffed that they've gone and knocked it right out the park. Great, great record.


This album is great. Not quite Celebration Rock great, but still great.


Early album of the year contender I reckon.



Best Japandroids three track run?

  • Wet Hair-Rockers East Vancouver-Heart Sweats
  • Younger Us-The House That Heaven Built-Continuous Thunder
  • True Love and a Free Life of Free Will-I'm Sorry (For Not Finding You Sooner)-Arc of Bar


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