There’s only one possible three-track run that can include The House that Heaven Built, so…

Still listening to this a lot. I like the (relative) expansion of their sound, but can’t help but feel like it needs another two balls to the wall rockers scattered in there, 8 track tradition be damned.


Think this is bang on.


Despite the obvious rubbishness of it, I think their 8 track album thing makes for a damn fine live show

  • Adrenaline Nightshift -> Younger Us -> The House That Heaven Built


Hiya pals,

I’ve got two tickets for their Birmingham gig in April going spare as my brother can’t go anymore. Is anyone interested in these for face value? PM me if so!

If not, what’s the best service to use for selling gig tickets apart from community.drownedinsound.com?


Album’s grown on me hugely but seems to have vanished a bit…

Anyone seen/seeing them while they’re over?

I thought I couldn’t go when tickets were announced so was really surprised to see an advert on here for tickets in London this Saturday. Snapped 'em up. Can’t wait.


I saw them tonight, can confirm they are v good live


Not sure about the leather jacket. Its a bit…


I will be there tonight. I imagine it will be a sweaty, drunken-chant filled mess - can’t wait.

Listened to their debut a lot in the first few weeks but haven’t found myself revisiting it like Celebration Rock. Heard good things about it live though so maybe that will change after this evening.


Boom, me too. I’m in that London now having a pint in brew dog. Got a spare ticket if anyone wants it.


I’m already five pints down so the chances of me crying later are rapidly increasing.


Haha, top stuff. I’m about 3 in.


This was fucking terrific.


It was awesome. The best time I’ve had at a gig in forever


Had a bloody panic attack after the first song didn’t I :frowning: They were so good, gutted I wasn’t able to enjoy it fully


Ah that’s rubbish. Hope you recovered well enough to enjoy the rest.

Was really happy with how many songs they played from Post-Nothing. Young Hearts Spark Fire, Wet Hair, Sovereignity and Heart Sweats by my count (the latter might have been my highlight).


Sometimes I really wished I lived in the US.

Dream tour


Too good. Are Japandroids the headliner on these dates?



They’re doing a Brooklyn show but Cloud Nothings not supporting at that one makes me sad :frowning: