Japanese Breakfast / Michelle Zauner - New LP 'Jubilee' 4th June 2021

Loving this from the first couple of listens.

It is excellent

Yep, this is great. The turquoise vinyl is gorgeous too.

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Is that the signed version from Bandcamp? I’ve just got the yellow swirl ordered.

Think it was the UK/EU indies version, although it sold out pretty sharpish - the listings were a bit confusing iirc.

Oh, but it is signed, yes.

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Nice! I have ordered the yellow swirl edition

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Feels silly to say it after 2 listens but this is probably gong to be a serious AOTY contender, right? Sounds like an instant classic to me.

The first half is absolutely sublime. Second half a little more relaxed but really beautiful too.

Holy fuck that outro for Posing for Cars is SO good

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Ordered a copy for my niece. Hope she likes it.

I have been hammering the singles, so was pretty hopeful it was gonna be aoty material if she could maintain that standard, which she has

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her last one was my AOTY, so wouldn’t be surprised at all!

not to just compare indie guitar playing 20s women to each other, but feel like she’s way way underrated compared to a lot of her peers, but to me she’s a level above them (apart from Haley Heynderickx, make a new album please please)

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I think there are plenty of artists with stronger vocal and guitar playing skills (which she is open about herself), but there is something magical in the music she makes. I loved the last record too, although I still think my favourite track of hers is Heft from the debut.

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this whole album feels like she’s really leaned into the style of Machinist from the last album, at least with more electronic/beat focus - which is great as that track totally killed live

ever listened to her old band, Little Big League? Need to give them more time but really enjoyed all of what I heard by them (and i think maybe Boyish was a new version of a track she first released with LBL?)

Yeah, I saw her close with Machinist at The Lexington back in 2016 and came away from the gig absolutely buzzing. She also played Boyish that night, so I ended up hunting down some of the Little Big League stuff off the back of that briefly, but probably got distracted elsewhere. I’m not really one to dig into rarities / unreleased material etc. in general.

lovely stuff


Nice track by track breakdown here:


Not to be a fussy wotsit, but Michelle is 32

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I did check that after my post but editing window had gone :smiley: good point though, my very big sweeping statements were wide enough without needing to include age too

Wish there was a Midlands date here :sob:

Might do the drive up to Manc as a post lockdown treat tho

Best thing about the album imho.

Really really liking this LP. Big contender for AOTY. It absolutely flies by too, which is always a good sign.