Japanese Breakfast / Michelle Zauner - New LP 'Jubilee' 4th June 2021

7.8 in Pitchfork. Quite surprised given (a) it’s obviously at least an 8.5 and (b) the extensive access she’s given them, which usually means BNM for at least the past decade.

Fucking noobs

Those folks at Pitchfork need their ears fixed

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This is really good

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Mmm fuzzed out carpenters vibes on that last song, excellent

I thought this was incredibly sweet

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Had the album on repeat, looking forward to hopefully finally seeing her live next year at primavera although wish there was a midlands gig on the UK leg.

Also read Crying in H Mart, is a great read. An emotional one, but also the source of plenty of food cravings. Will be interesting to see how they make the film version.

Just in case she wasn’t juggling enough, she’s written the score to a computer game called Sable. This trailer has a clip from a song

This album could challenge Soft Sounds, which I didn’t think it would even get close to tbh

Sit is pretty much a perfect song


Just gets better with every listen, this. Not a single second wasted. Perfect!

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This song is better than anything I’ve heard on her albums.

Can’t wait to hear the whole OST.

Same! One of my favourite things about each JB album was seeing them play at the Hare and Hounds* after each one (probably graduated to bigger venues now sadly)

*Psychopomp was so special cause here were about 20 people in the audience, and then a sold out show after Soft Sounds

This album has grown on me a lot. At first I thought there was a bit of a dip in the middle but I think it was more a case of the opening songs being that fucking good. Like all JB albums, it’s best suited to a kind of evening darkening more than a sunny day so I’m kind of very preemptively hyped for Autumn

Remember this being announced a few years ago. Glad it’s finally coming out!

Only given her a cursory listen before, but after all the praise in here I thought I’d give the new one a go.
It’s great.
The last 2 tracks. Oooof!

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Anyone else getting JRPG / Ghibli vibes from Tactics?