Japanese Breakfast / Michelle Zauner - New LP 'Jubilee' 4th June 2021

My copy finally arrived yesterday (brexit customs has held it hostage since release) and turns out I got the signed version. Really thought I’d ordered the yellow swirl but it’s the turquoise version. Nice surprise.


Mine still hasn’t arrived and the record store (Bengans in Goteborg) wrote to me saying it wouldn’t be available until September. I need to decide whether to wait or cancel. Might cancel and just buy a copy when I see her next year.

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The yellow swirl and black vinyl versions seem to be widely available. Really nice album to have on vinyl - wonderful artwork and sounds great. You’ll love it when you get it I’m sure.

Very envious of you seeing her live - she’s not playing anywhere I can get to unfortunately.

Can’t stop listening to Jubilee, just a really great flow to it throughout.

Just caught up with the thread and got tickets for Brudenell next year which I’m very pleased about/already moderately annoyed she’s in the crap room.


Anyone else read Crying in H-Mart? Loved it myself, but anything about indie rock and kimchi is always going to appeal to me.