Japanese Breakfast / Michelle Zauner


Don’t think there is a dedicated thread so thought I’d start one.

Love the What’s In My Bag series, and Michelle is cool AF here of course. Really looking forward to some new material, especially if it sounds like Pretty Hate Machine meets Homogenic!

Also this was a nice read which made me hungry and melancholic:


She smashed it at Stereo a couple of months ago.

Soft Sounds is :ok_hand:

She’s quality, I love her.

Absolutely HAVING this!


A friend lent me her previous band’s (Little Big League) album Tropical Jinx, which is really great, if entirely different to Japanese Breakfast.


couldn’t get used to the original version of ‘Boyish’ on that Little Big League album, though I did enjoy it when I last listened to the album on Bandcamp.

Love J Brekkie, need to read and watch those links in the OP. I think I’ve mentioned before having seen her twice at the same venue, and it was really nice seeing - within the space of about a year and a half - the very small numbers at the first show become the pretty much sold out second show


Her Instagram stories are amazing. She’s the best


I liked too much music released in 2017 so the album passed me by but listened to it after seeing that WIMB and it’s ace init.