Jarvis Cocker Tour


Tour announcement for later in the month. Playing intimate venues across the country

On sale at 11


London clashes with Daphne and Celeste, not a sentence I imagined saying in 2018.

The Castleton venue looks wild



Oh my God, Jarvis Cocker in Brighton on Monday, Daphne & Celeste in London on Tuesday :smiley:


What’s Patterns like? Guess I have 15 minutes to decide whether to try and get a ticket…


It’s what was audio if you ever went there

Underground, low ceiling, but decent sound and small. Seen a tonne of gigs there in the past and only 2 were bad.


Yeah it’s fine. Usually a space for club nights. Decent sound system, next door to Charles Street (who’ve now abolished happy hour, waaaa).


Oh I put on a disastrous club night there in 2008 and haven’t been back. Maybe it’s time to rest some demons.


Fine as a punter surely


Was that when it was Audio? It’s looking a lot better these days.


£35 to see Jarvis in a tunnel? Think I’ll swerve that


It’s much better as patterns. They actually take care of the venue and have good bars.


better clubnights too, though the Horse Meat Disco night a couple of years back was disappointingly straight.


Did he ever do anything good after Pulp though?


Managed to bag a couple of tickets for Ramsgate. They sold out in about 30 seconds.

Not sure what to expect. They’re billing it as a new band and new material.




And this, obviously…


The Williamson Tunnels? You’re missing out, as a venue it’s amazing and the acoustics are great.


Is this a jag?!!


Still tickets for Liverpool and Manchester available!


Argh he played His ‘n’ Hers