Jason Molina

We discussed it on another thread, but the recent reissue of The Lioness is just wonderful. Have had it on today. My #1 Molina album, and an all time top 5.


I just finished reading this: https://www.goodreads.com/book/show/32959947-jason-molina (Erin Osman’s biography of Molina) and it’s a great, if depressing read for fans. I was at the Bush Hall show mentioned in the book. The only niggle is that Okkervil River are referred to as ‘Okkervil Band’ but apart from that minor slight, it’s worth reading.

I fucking love Jason Molina

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On the anniversary of his death this is an interesting article


just so very sad. I really feel for his family and friends too, sounds like they really went through hell


Thanks for pointing this record out incandenza - I’d never heard it before either.

Song of the Road sounds beautiful too - Molina could sing the phone book and it’d sound like a roll call of lost souls.

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Great article, thanks for sharing.

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“The playing was really intriguing and the voice was really intriguing. At the end of it—I think he recorded in the bathroom at one point—he might have taken a leak. In kind of a creepy voice, he said, ‘You can write me letters.’”—Will Oldham, describing an unsolicited demo Molina sent him

Love this.


oooo thank you! Ordered :slight_smile:

:grinning: me too. Had no idea this was coming.

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This is absolutely stunning.

And ordered

went to order it from Norman at about 4pm and it said sold out, so went with an untested other record store site, soon as I’d ordered I went back to Norman’s and it was available again! Aarrggh! Oh well, hopefully we’ll have no problems with Five Rise Records :man_shrugging:

For a minute I thought this thread was about this guy?!


If anyone is after some cheap-ish vinyl, Resident have just added loads to their sale section - Songs: Ohia, Magnolia Electric Co, solo records - mostly £13.99 although the 2LP reissues will run you more




Only discovered them after the 100 greatest artists of all time shebang last year. I generally don’t find that ‘sad guitar singer songwriter’ connects with me (Elliot Smith & Nick Drake do almost nothing for me), but it took around 2 minutes of Didn’t It Rain to know this was different.

Got the Didn’t it Rain 2LP and Ghost Tropic


No worries - I’ve bought a bunch of records from them over lockdown, they’ve got great prices and usually deliver pretty quickly given everything.

I picked up Ghost Tropic, which I don’t think I’ve ever heard, as well some other bits in their sale. I’ve barely listened to his music since he died, even years later it still feels so raw. Looking forward to hearing this I guess?