Jay Rayner winding up veggies

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I mean capitalism is bad but in this free market system we live in, he’s broadly right.

There are things like disabled access which I would say supersede it though.

AS A VEGGIE MYSELF yeah i do broadly agree. obviously people have allergies and things which need to be accounted for and restaurants should be flexible to a degree, but i hate when people just order totally off-menu or substitute too much from a meal.

(didn’t read the article)

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Bit rich coming from someone who is literally a professional whinger.


He does include that caveat, tbf

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Fucking hell mate, I just linked to an article!

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I quite like Jay Rayner usually, but he’s pretty deluded if he things that the invisible hand of the market will allow everyone to eat somewhere nice with their friends.

I dunno, I just think that restaurants that don’t add a dish or two for people who aren’t meat eaters, or who are allergic to certain foods, are a bit backwards, or lazy, to be honest, and probably deserve to go out of business.


I haven’t eaten meat for 30* years and I think the only time I have been to a ‘restaurant’ and there was no ‘meal’ I could eat was drifting drunkenly into a KFC.

I’m not saying you are always blessed with choice and obviously vegan shit is rarer but it’s generally fine.

‘ooh Balonz do you think you will be able to eat anything there?’
‘yeah just book it you meat eating cunt!’

*3 years before I was born was the last time

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Eric, you’re Mr. Coffee right.

I went for coffee with the TV and her mother, she asked for a latte but wanted it served really hot. The coffee shop owner said that they make it hot but nowhere near boiling cause that’s how it’s best. She was adamant that they should make it to her wishes as the customer. I (silently of course) thought the guy was in the right, it’s his shop you can’t tell him how to make stuff. Thoughts (other than the ma in law being a coffee idiot)?

put your mother in law in the bin


Hahahaha, you should have offered her something hot white and frothy ahahahahhahahaha.


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As a vegan, I strongly disagree.

Sometimes it’s fucking hard eating out with friends and family, and it’s really not hard to have at least ONE option that will cater for someone vegetarian/vegan or that can be modified to suit certain dietary requirements. Eating out is not just about the food but enjoying the whole experience and if you’re left to just pick from the sides menu (which sometimes can literally just be a side salad), it makes the whole thing really shit.


How would you even make a latte boiling hot? You’d have to absolutely scald the fuck out of the milk. It would be grim.

Would be like a latte from a machine

come one, these days there’s a Greggs on every high street. Can’t be that hard finding a cheese sandwich when you’re hungry ?


I would sooner pay for a meal/drink which was unsatisfactory and not to my liking than cause a fuss about it ANY day of the week. Just get it down you and shut up.

This is a point about aggpass’s mother-in-law not about the article, which seems to be a bit strawman if you ask me. Fussy entitled eaters are idiots and restaurants absolutely should make sufficient effort to cater for those with dietary requirements and vegetarians etc. Sounds like he’s hammed up the complainants to make a point which doesn’t really exist.

i’m sympathetic but i feel like the owness is more on your family and friends to eat somewhere that suits everyone. if they don’t wanna eat somewhere that has a decent choice for vegans then that’s on them.