Jay & Silent Bob Reboot

This looks awful and a bit tragic…



0.75 good Smith/J&SB films?

Don’t know anything about them but looks like they pull this face for the entire film: :flushed:


Clerks is very good, Dogma is messy but decent, Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back is dumb but it’s fun seeing celebrities take the piss out of themselves. He’s been awful since then though.


The continuing career of Kevin Smith is a strange one isn’t it? The terrible movies, the hockey tops…

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I remember watching the first J&SB film in the cinema before going to a Hundred Reasons gig. That was a good birthday for young colossalhorse.

Old colossalhorse has no time for Kevin Smith’s inexplicably continuing manchild shenanigans though. No time at all.

Dogma is the most overrated film in existence - awful tell don’t show mess.

I enjoyed Clarks when it came out - but I think everything else I’ve seen of his has been terrible shit (Mallrats was maybe ok, can’t really remember it)

Used to love clerks, but not sure how much I’d enjoy it now.

hated mallrats, quite liked dogma. Not bothered with the rest.

How many weeds did you smoked before you sawed this movie

I watched his “Waco” type horror film a few years back

fuuuuucking hell :rofl:

he seems to have made a lot of films that don’t exist in the last ten years


Ah yes, ‘Red State’…he was very proud of that one at the time. Michael Parks was good in it, but that was about all it had going for it.

Clerks is great, I liked mallrats, i thought dogma was so/ so, didn’t like chasing Amy, thought Jay and silent Bob was dreadful. Tapped out at that point.

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Red State was decent

I tapped out at Clerks 2. I’ve no idea how he got anyone to give him money to make films after that. So, so bad.

ewwww I’d forgotten about Chasing Amy :nauseated_face::face_vomiting:

Clerks 2 made a decent profit as it was low budget, so he got to make some mid-budget films which flopped and since then he’s been back to making films for zero money (though even those don’t make their budget back any more)

Kevin smith is the Big Bang theory.

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