Jay Z’s albums back on spotify

Reckon it has a decent share of the best stuff he’s ever done on it, and a fair bit of fluff – just isn’t consistent as those big three for me. That said, it’s an essential document of rap music in the immediate aftermath of the deaths of 2Pac and Biggie. In that sense, it’s the other album of his that can be considered a classic record.

Since it’s back on Spotify, I’ll give it another listen and see if I can move it up a tier :wink:

There are a couple of places where it sounds a bit dated, but the high spots - Imaginary Players, Where I’m From, Streets is Watching etc - are just fantastic.

Weird it’s still not on Apple Music.

Good news. Can finally listen to 4.44 for the first time

my thoughts on jay z:

happy his stuff is back on streaming which means i was able to update my best of jay z playlist and add the reasonable doubt stuff in (wasnt on spotify b4). so now i got it down to a cool top 100 lol


Two perfect Jay songs featuring Beanie and Scarface. They kinda feel like they belong together in a way.

Some How Some Way vs This Cant Be Life

  • Some How Some Way
  • This Can’t Be Life

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The unplugged album is really good too

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The Blueprint on repeat since I saw this had happened

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Reasonable Doubt up on Apple Music now too. Hurrah!

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Thanks, to all who recommended this album. So good! Never really rated anything I’d heard him on before (mainly guest features in this decade), so it’s good to finally see why he got to where he is today.


Classic, shoulda went triple


Blueprint 2 has some bangers too

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Ah, nice. Some of it has aged badly, but it’s still my favourite Jay Z album.

D’Evils - what a track.

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