Jazz Chat (Rollin')

Have you met Shooby Taylor?

Booked a ticket for the Saturday of this wonderful sounding showcase of International Anthem, can’t wait!


Really enjoying this vibraphone jazz album from Sasha Berliner with a great band behind her.

Kuroda with the good shit again

New Corrie Dick record is lovely. It’ll be hard to top his last one for me but this one delivers for sure.

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I often return to this record when the autumn sets in :heart:

Come on team jazz, lets have your records of the year.

  1. Work Money Death - Thought, Action, Reaction, Interaction
  2. Alabaster DePlume - GOLD
  3. Soccer96 - Inner Worlds
  4. Tom Skinner - Voices of Beshara
  5. Makaya McCraven - In These Times
  6. Horace Tapscott Quintet - The Quintet
  7. The Greg Foat Group - Blue Lotus
  8. Anteloper - Pink Dolphins
  9. Jasmine Myra - Horizons
  10. Moor Mother - Jazz Codes
  11. Immanuel Wilkins - The 7th Hand
  12. Joel Ross - The Parable of the Poet
  13. Mark Giuliana - the sound of listening
  14. Binker and Moses - Feeding the Machine
  15. Shabaka - Afrikan Culture
  16. Daniel Villareal - Panama 77
  17. Avishai Cohen - Shifting Sands
  18. Flock - Flock
  19. Alina Bzhezhinska & HipHarpCollective - Reflections
  20. Billy Drummond & Freedom of Ideas - Valse Sinestre

1 - Work Money Death - Thought, Action, Reaction, Interaction
2 - Black Nile - Los
3 - Domi & JD Beck - Not Tight
4 - Kibrom Birhane - Here and There
5 - Daniel Villanova - Panama 77
6 - EABS - 2061

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In no order but I liked a lot

Oli Astral - From the Astral
Kahil El’Zabar Quartet - A Time For Healing
Branko Mataja - Over Fields And Mountains
The Plastik Beatniks - All Those Streets I Must Find Cities For
Shabaka - Afrikan Culture
Alune Wade - Sultan
Biluka y Los Canibales - Leaf-Playing in Quito 1960-1965 (reissue/comp obvs but great)
Julie Campiche Quartet - You Matter
Fabiano do Nascimento - Rio Bonito

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Have I wrongly assumed Soccer96 are a naff indie band then?

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Got a few that can go in here and in the hip hop list :joy:

Sélébéyone - Xaybu: The Unseen
The Comet Is Coming - Hyper-Dimensional Expansion Beam
Daniel Villarreal - panamá 77
Makaya McCraven - In These Times
Moor Mother - Jazz Codes
Nok Cultural Ensemble - Njhyi
Ebi Soda - Honk If You’re Sad
DOMi & JD Beck - NOT TiGHT
Binker & Moses - Feeding The Machine
Antoine Berjeaut - Chromesthesia
Carlos Niño & Friends - Extra Presence
Soccer96 - Inner Worlds
EABS - 2061
Alabaster Deplume - GOLD
Jameszoo - Blind
The Plastik Beatniks - All Those Streets I Must Find Cities For (12 Songs for Bob Kaufman)
Lifted - 3

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You definitely have. Soccer96 is the drummer and keyboardist from The Comet Is Coming. Maybe a bit more proggy, but definitely still a jazz act.


In no particular order, these were all very enjoyable:

Mali Obomsawin - Sweet Tooth

Shahbaz Hussain & Helen Anahita Wilson - Silsila

Village of the sun - First light

Sun-Mi Hong - Third page: Resonance

Alex Hitchcock & Ant Law - Same moon in the same world

Brave new world trio - Seriana Promethea

Tom Skinner - Voices of Bishara

Robert Stillman - What does it mean to be American

Looking forward to this. His last one was great.