Jealousy thread

I know thats a panda but I couldn’t find a Sloth odnt @me or you shall feel my wrath!!!


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I’m doing laps waiting for @avery doing the big shop :walking_woman::sleeping:

I’m jealous of people who enjoy beer and coffee because so often these will be the default drinks available at things and I enjoy neither


I’m jealous of people who have gardens/access to countryside right now


Came here to post this.


It’s a bird house, commonly found in a zoo


I’m jealous (but also appreciative) of the brownie making ability of @Gnometorious


I am also jealous of people who enjoy food I don’t enjoy because it is limiting not liking the taste of everything and I love to eat.

I am jealous of people who are driven.


You mean you’re jealous of people who like mushrooms? :wink:

I’m jealous of everyone who does creative stuff

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Couldn’t find it in polls! Only able to use my phone emojis.

I’m jealous of people who claim that they forgot to eat, or that they can’t put on weight.

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Except them!

OK, yeah, a tiny bit cos they are in lots of stuff and I would rather my friends didn’t miss out on something they enjoy in a dish they cook because they adapt it for me.

sorry, no

I cba.

My flagging button is tingling.

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Just a little reminder that we’re supposed to be tagging the community members that we are jealous of so, for example, when @roastthemonaspit said “I’m jealous of people who are driven” he should have said “I am jealous of @jeremy.driver who is driven”

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Depends what mood I’m in.