Been wearing them as my sole trouser choice for at least 71% of my life. Ever think people will be done with them and move on? Just had a look around, still a lot of people wearing them.


I am wearing black 519s as I type.


I wear jeans every day unless I am staying in, I don’t put jeans on in that case


I’m wearing them when I’m not typing too.


Haven’t worn a pair of jeans in at least ten years.


Holy mother fuck fuck. That is an achievement.

How do you do it?


Jeanz meanz Heinz


loads of people on this site don’t wear jeans. it’s fucking weird.


Dresses, skirts, leggings. Don’t wear trousers at all. Find jeans really uncomfortable. :woman_shrugging:


Tell us what it’s like in the future. Do they still have bread?


Not really


I own fake jeans they’re a lot more comfy


That’s the thing, it shouldn’t be, but statistically, it is


I have 2 pairs I wear 90% of the time I’m clothed

not at the same time


So you sleep in jeans too? Knew it wasn’t weird.

In my excitement I have completely misread your statement and I will leave the thread now




What are the other acceptable options? (select all that apply)

  • Nothing but jeans til I die looking like a Bruce Springsteen album cover
  • Chinos
  • Camo trousers
  • Baggy cargo pants
  • Joggers / tracksuit
  • Those baggy patterned pyjama trousers everyone wears when they get back from travelling
  • Winnie The Pooh (no trousers with a t shirt)
  • Other (please specify)

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Bit male centric


They were all the types of trousers I could think of.


I wear jeans all the time. I wear smart trousers for concerts, and I wear nothing in bed.

The rest of the time – jeans.