Shame on you

Yeah I just remembered suit trousers and culottes too.

Think I’d want to be a size 8 with an impeccable ass before I wore jeans again.

I went through an anti-jean phase but to be honest you cant beat a good pair of black jeans for hiding the muck on yer trews. I’ve got loads of pairs of nice trousers but they’d be completely wrecked by just one day of my typical activities

I’ve quit jeans until we get through the whole tight fit/short legged/whacky turn-up phase. Obviously if I’d had any inkling as to how long that was going to take, I’d just have bitten the bullet and bought some, but it’s been too late to reverse my position on them for some years now. Have quite a few pairs of trousers which are apparently designed for climbing but work fine for bodding about.

Got really back in to jeans wearing about a year ago after ten years off and bloody hell, why did i never not wear them?

Current staples:
Cheap Monday high spray
Waven Anika
Monki kimono
Topshop Kristen

I wish my arse were more impeccable. I don’t really have one so my jeans look a bit flat and weird from the back :confused:

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If I ever became a gym bunny it would purely to get an impeccable ass.

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are jeans exclusively for those with impeccable arses?

I might need to switch to MC Hammer trousers if this is the case


Get on the weights and smash a load of curls.

Bit personal


I’ve abandoned many an over-sharing post here so will leave it at that.

Used to always wear jeans, then went through a phase of just wearing chinos, now I’m back to wearing jeans again. Black/grey jeans are excellent. Always worry blue jeans are a bit Clarkson.

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the seam in most pairs of jeans hurts my hypersensitive balls
black chinos are best imoo


seriously considered buying some yellow trousers

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  • NO

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not that yellow, though

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Guy on the left yes, other two no.


Thought I was too big for skinny jeans until recently and now I’ve finally bought a couple of pairs it’s all about straight legs with turn-ups, ffs

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