Where are you lot getting your jeans these days? Tell me about your favourite ones.

I haven’t worn jeans for months now but want some new ones for when we can socialise again in 2023 or whenever.

Let’s talk.

I enjoyed the Articles Of Interest episode on jeans

Made me wonder what the pre-stone-washed ones were like.

Gap, same ones every time, because it’s one of the few places I can get them to fit comfortably so I’m not changing now.

Cheapest ones I can find. I know I’m contributing to the ongoing misery of the world but I’m too poor to have ethics.


Tend to go to next for trousers because I have very short legs (29 inch :upside_down_face:) and they’re the only place that carry that size.

Though I fear as my waist has expanded I may find it more difficult to get anything that fits. Someone on here once told me to shop in the women’s section but I couldn’t cope with the lack of pockets tbh

1 minute reading time? Fuck that!


Got some from rich Ts place in the sales. a tenner!

usually buy online as they never have my size in

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Black, 1-2% Elastane, <£50.



Levi’s 511s - have a few 512s but they looking a bit toooo tight in 2021

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I hate wearing blue jeans. Makes me feel like a gawky 15 year old again that’s too terrified to walk into a clothes shop for fear of being laughed out or silently judged.

Black skinny jeans for life. Even when I’m old. Which I think I am.

The jean is the coat of the trouser world


levi 511s.

Usually get mine from Next. Got a couple of pairs from Asos about a year ago and the crotch fell apart after a couple of weeks. Avoid.

A fun day out for all the family!

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What is the coat? That is what is the world of the coat?

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I’m going to take some time to think about this




The coat is the umbrella of clothing

Think I’m back to being a cord man now after being black jeans only for a couple of years.