Jeff Beck RIP

shame he went out on a low point with Johnny Depp


ah man, fuck. glad i got to see him last year even if half the show was fucking johnny depp.

wired and blow by blow are both fucking incredible records


It’s one of those things, for years I dismissed him as Hi Ho Silver Guy. It was not a compliment.

Then I saw the Ronnie Scott gig and realised - fuck, this guy is good.

So I went through the catologue, albeit bit haphazardly. I hate to be a bit of a cliche, but Blow by Blow, an all time fave now.

Well done Jeff, you passed the test the rest of us (mostly) fail. Rock In Power, nothing can stop you now. Happy transition.

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one of the og guitar gods. been doing it forever and changed himself so many times

these are like 30 years apart and on completely difference wavelengths



I still only really know him from Del Preston’s anecdote in WW2 - but for that alone I will doff my cap


Have just stuck Blow by Blow on for the first time, enjoying it. Have always had him mentally filed as the Hi Ho guy or grumpy looking blues rawk guest who turns up on some Jools Holland special. Knew he was rated but had never bothered to actually listen.

Never really listened to his stuff after the yardbirds, but they were obviously better and a thousand times more interesting with him in than clapton.

Incredible guitar innovator, up there with the guitar gods of the era - Clapton, Hendrix, Page, Townsend etc

Good innings and all that.

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