Jeff Rosenstock 2020 - NO DREAM - New Album!

There’s something about the quiet part that reminds me of Nowheres High by Parts & Labour, even though it sounds almost totally different which I don’t mind because I’d pretty much forgotten they existed and went back to listen to that afterwards.

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Another big fan here, especially of Old Crap. Basically had that on repeat for a week.

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Wanted to add my voice of approval as well. Cracking album.

I’m more of a WORRY. guy than a Post- guy (although I love them both) and this is definitely more of a punk rager, more in the spirit of something like Scrambles.

Also, despite the fact that this is clearly a brilliant album, it’s a surprise that Pitchfork still won’t give him a BNM tag, even though this is his third 8.0+ record in a row. I mean come on, who else is making rock this inventive, passionate and enjoyable? I’m not sure Jeff cares really, but he definitely deserves it.

Although I can’t be too mad at Pitchfork because I got into him through one of their reviews…

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If you release a very, very good record in an unfashionable genre, you get 8.0-8.1, whereas if you release a decent one in a hip genre/style you get 8.2-8.4. Just the way it is. The kinda old school NY rapper Ka had four successive albums at 8.0, until Pitchfork really stuck their neck by giving his new one 8.1.


Interesting point there, and I would say that’s pretty accurate in this case. In addition, Jeff’s background is more ska punk (see: Bomb the Music Industry’s first few albums and the whole of Arrogant Sons of Bitches).

Even though under his own name he’s hardly released a ska punk song on any of those albums, apart from Rainbow, which is a fucking BELTER, it would still be tantamount to pitchfork giving BNM for an album by an ex-member of Less Than Jake (for example).

But hey, as long as Jeff continues releasing amazing music like this, I don’t really care.

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I had never heard of them before, and the song you mentioned was well good. Going to look into them more!

I’m ashamed to admit that in my “May albums of the month” I relegated this record to “honourable mention”. After 17 subsequent listens I’m willing to tentatively declare this my “AOTY” so far.

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I’m currently obsessed with ***bnb. Getting (a more frantic sounding) japandroid vibe.

:smiley: you dickhead, i love this

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