Jeff Rosenstock


So then, this lad (formerly of Bomb the Music Industry!) released his new album on New Years Day and it’s very good, though It’s kinda funny seeing this genre (emo/melodic pop-punk, think Titus Andronicus) suddenly get some wider attention. What y’all think?


His previous album Worry is very good too


yes I’ll need to go check it out now, I saw a few people talking about it but because I didn’t know who he was or what he did previously I kinda passed on it


Woah, didn’t know he had a new one out. Loved Worry, was listening to it just yesterday!


as i said in another thread, I really enjoyed We Cool? wasn’t as keen on Worry, but so far really enjoying this.


Was the proverbial surprise release, I think the physical release is in March


Love Jeff and BTMI. Glad he’s released the new one in this way, as with the last two being on Side One Dummy, it’s nice to see him return to more of a DIY approach.


I said this in the last weeks new releases thread. But I like this more than anything I had in my best of 2017 list and it was released on the first day of the year. Great start to 2018.

I also appreciate his attitude of releasing it instantly and for free if you like. I pre-ordered a physical copy as I like to support what he does, but its great that he puts everything out there for free.

Also nice to get a truly surprising release. No talk of being in the studio, no announcement 3 months before release date ( seems these announcement windows are getting longer, 6 months in some cases. It’s a bit of an Alan Partridge question but how long is too long?).


I’m just glad he released the album on 1st Jan otherwise we’d have had more tiresome people telling Pitchfork and co ‘bet you wish you hadn’t done your Best of 2017 list already LOL’


I’d never listened to him before, but this is starting to grow on me and songs standing out now. And I love the lyrical content, obviously. It feels weird to say this but I think my favorite part is the sort of ambient outro of the final song. It’s like being prodded in the sad part of the brain, caught me completely off guard the first time.


Really like the chap and BtMI!. He always comes across as so like-able in all of his recordings.


Still enjoying this, but this track briefly has the same melody of ‘It’s My Life’ by Talk Talk (although it reminded me first of No Doubt’s cover of it, which I’ve no idea what that says about me or them or anything)


Apparently Lana Del Rey has said Talk Talk are suing for 100%, Jeff offered 40% but they want 100%!


I did think of making a similar joke, happy to have teed up tho :wink:


Sheesh. Hadn’t even realised he had a new album out. He’s really prolific…it barely feels like ten minutes since his last album came out, and about half an hour since the one before that.


Quite liked this new one so checked out WORRY. and that one is really :fire:


Keep going, We Cool? is even better IMO.


We’re running a piece on Jeff today in which he addresses the Cheap Girls situation, among many other things:


This is really good, thanks for posting


I’m fully on board with this now, definitely my album of the month. Really enjoying how more artists lately are blending political and personal themes, and addressing how the two interact with each other (Priests and The National last year, for instance). I’m excited to start going through his back catalog soon.