Jeff Rosenstock


It’s shameless self-promotion, but I’m glad you enjoyed it :slight_smile:


Have listened to this album so many times. Think it’s my favourite of the year so far. Gonna take some topping.


Same for me so far. I’ve finally tried WORRY too and it’s also incredible and quickly shooting up my 2016 list. I can’t believe I’d never listened to him before.


Can confirm that he remains one of the best. Kind of reminds me of what i enjoyed about Say Anything waaaaay back on their first (proper) album, but with a less nasal voice


BTW anyone into Jeff could do so, so much worse than work their way through the Side One roster

especially AJJ (all albums) and PUP (not the new album)


Both PUP albums are great, you fool!


right coz they’re the same album twice.


Sure they’re similar, but they have differences and they’re both great, even if the first one is better.


i just don’t find myself with a reason to listen to the second effort, whereas the first I even run to at this point


I think I’m getting too old for the English language.


as in I go running while listening to the music, you see


at first I thought you meant it run it like a set for a gig


I see, cause i was thinking you were in such a hurry to reach the sharp end of the album that you quick your step specifically.


i am not that cool


never let on that it was cool


I listened to it.
It was decent but I forgot it immediately.


then how do you remember it was dece theo?

(i just wanted to say dece)


Well I guess that dece comment makes us deuce?

(Now I opened the thread and remembered it I recall it being dece.)


I liked Post well enough when it came out, but I had it on before going out last night and it also happened to be played at the bar I went to and, man, it sounds like a proper classic already.


He did the theme song for a kids’ show