Jeff Rosenstock


Playing Village Underground (in that London) on Wednesday 3 October.

Tickets on sale from Friday.


Going to have to drag my arse to Manc on this round but worth it because Rosenstock.


I would like to interview Jeff when he comes to Den Bosch on the 27th.

So far my requests have gone unanswered.

If anyone here could potentially help me make this happen, please PM.

I do take artist interviews seriously and my recent ones with Protomartyr and Idles I hope are enough to make it clear that’s the case.

Thanks in advance.


Have you tried contacting Prescription? They seem to be doing UK PR, if not EU.

edit: or his label?


Thanks GT, apparently both UK only though. Not much of a presence in NL it would seem.


Everything worked out and I’m interviewing Jeff Thursday evening before he plays Den Bosch.

Any particular questions anyone would want to ask him?


How many other Jeffs can you name?


Also why do I always get you mixed up with Mickey Erg? Although that’s not really his fault.


Look how happy he is

Went on for 55 minutes in the end. Felt natural as it gets. What a champ.


PUP t-shirt too <3


Probably a little late to ask but anyone going to London show tonight?


I went. Awesome show!


It was great but I now feel a bit shit for only knowing his most recent record


Yeah, plenty of bangers in the back catalogue.


Ha! My daughter loves that Craig of The Creek show.
I am not familiar with this dude but I’m a big Titus fan so if y’all say he’s similar to Titus then it sounds like I should give him a shot.


I went last night and I was in the same position as you, I gave Worry a listen before I headed out. Had a great time.


I enjoyed it but felt like I missed out a little by not knowing the previous records too well, not his fault of course, but he played a lot from Worry which meant I got a little disengaged towards the end after really being into the first half of the set… maybe I was a little distracted anyway.

BUT ALSO, I do think POST- is a much stronger album than the other two…


We Cool and Post- are both better than Worry.


I can’t imagine liking POST- and not liking Worry or Be Cool


Didn’t say that did I