Jeff Rosenstock


I can’t imagine you not saying that


I will say that the other two haven’t grabbed me in the same way that POST- has but that doesn’t mean I dislike them


Which one did you listen to first, out of interest




Worry is really week IMO. love the other two


we cool has the strongest run of tracks, post is prob slightly better. massive shades of early Say Anything on Post, too.


I like Worry a lot but I don’t think it maintains the highs of the first 5ish songs (which are fucking great)


The gig last night was amazing. Haven’t had so much fun in a long time. Opening with USA was perfect. I was shouting along to every word. Even the cartoon theme tune was great! What a legend!

I was very happy that there was lots of POST- and WORRY. in the set. He played at least six songs from a nine-song album- the best ones- and the set had a nice mix of new and older stuff.

And personally, while I love POST-, WORRY. is a different level. I think I prefer it because I’m more of a punk kid than a Titus Andronicus kid. It’s a properly tight punk band playing excellent, hook-loaded songs which shift styles so much but do it so well, especially the medley. Almost every tune is a banger, except maybe To Be a Ghost.

I can see why people here prefer POST- though. It’s got more of a power pop vibe.

I haven’t heard much of We Cool? but love what I’ve heard.


See that’s pretty much how I’d describe POST- :man_shrugging:t2:


I also went yesterday, but while it started really strongly I got increasingly more disengaged as it went on. Probably more to do with how knackered I was than anything they were doing to be honest, although the songs kind of started blurring in to one a bit.


Oh and for the record my fav is Worry, but probably only because heard it first. The others are great too.


Funny eh?


Glad to hear I wasn’t the only one


He played this in Manc! And Champagne Supernova on the saxophone!


Here’s my interview with the champ


Thanks for this. Awesome read! Especially the stuff about how to preserve your voice live and how the lyric-writing and music-writing process. Very illuminating.


Really great interview, thanks for posting it!


Never heard this guys music (besides the Craig of The Creek) song. Listened to the most recent album, and not bad. Good lyrics and solid musicianship, a little easier on the eardrums than the punk I typically listen to. I can see how he would be fun live. Can’t say I fell in love with it, but I’m open to some back catalog listening. What would y’all consider as the best “ok now go listen to this” album now that I’ve finished his latest?

Side note: All This Useless Energy is a cool tune but i’m going to be charitable and categorize it as an ode to the Pixies instead of mimicking the Pixies :wink:


Worry & We Cool? are also great.

There’s this I made too:


Worry is the only other one I’ve heard so far and I love it, probably even more than the new one at this point (it’s tough though, especially with how the new one is bookended). Definitely one of the few best albums of 2016 and already a classic as far as I’m concerned. It has lots of shorter songs that cover a wide range of moods, but it flows together pretty seamlessly, and almost like a medley in the second half.