jeffrey epstein

was really trying not to be the one who started this thread but then this happened

it keeps getting spookier:

The inmate who investigators have talked to in Lower Manhattan facility has been identified as Nicholas Tartaglione, according to a source. Tartaglione is a former Orange County police officer who was arrested in December 2016 and accused of killing four men in an alleged cocaine distribution conspiracy, then burying their bodies in his yard in Otisville, according to court records.

original articles exposing the plea deal here:

article looking at the intelligence angle to this:

then ofc there are the flight logs of the “lolita express”:

I read a long article on this guy a year or so ago and the amount of corruption/cover up and the people involved (if all true of course) is pretty staggering

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good pod episode this

i thought the saville thing was blatant but this is a whole different level

just really hope he doesn’t get bail as a result of this (or any undue influence)

His private island was referred openly to as ‘Pedophile island’, his plane was nicknamed ‘the lolita express’.

This is all so insane.


@zanimos what the fuck

In the Miami Herald last year, Julie Brown reported that Marcinko was “brought” to the US from (the former) Yugoslavia to live with an abusive man more than 30 years her senior when she was 15.

how do you even fight this kind of thing? they are telling you that you are nothing, that you can’t do anything about any of this. my brain is melting.

The Spacey drinking from a mug as a threat and then all the charges getting dropped melted my brain.

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Part one is worth a listen too.

Behind the bastards on him as well- they try and keep it light but the futility of it all starts getting to them and you can here them black pilling more with every word


Stephanie Rhule (MSNBC finance reporter) is pointing out the complete inexplicability of Epstein having Power of Attorney of Wexler’s fortune.

Have his properties (including planes, boats etc) outside NY actually been searched yet? Or do his highly paid and compromised associates get to shred and burn at will?

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haven’t read through these yet (thanks though - will do!) but the military stuff (letting his helicopter fly unchecked) makes sense in the light of the history of U.S. private military operations in South America - basically anything goes as long as you are perceived to be on the right side.

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and @zanimos

a guy at work is reading into it all too and it’s impossible for us to discuss any of this without sounding like complete fucking cranks. but it really does look like this is a global conspiracy, and people like epstein are procurers/fixers for the powerful in addition to being predators themselves, with intelligence agencies running and/or protecting it all.

also read about cernovich/alex jones spreading q anon stuff as a limited hangout op, and initially i thought it sounded too conspiratorial and too pat, until i read about cernovich’s long-standing connections to dershowitz.

just reading all this^ back is making me cringe. i have a feeling they’re going to lose or accidentally erase the DVDs labelled e.g “[young girl] + [former prime minister]”, and lots of the victims and witnesses are going to die away from the spotlight over the next couple of years, like they did in this case:

Think Q Anon was set up as psy op to muddy the waters in case all this leaked.

Proper brain worms stuff this, you can’t talk about it without sounding like a proper crank.

All the Robert/Ghislaine Maxwell stuff is absolutely insane too.


The only thing about that podcast is the jokes are a bit too much :confused: I get that they need to make light of an awful thing but… yeah.

I can absolutely imagine the justification Epstein and co must have had for their behaviour “oh, their lives would have been shit and boring but thanks to us they’re now rich, glamorous and powerful-ish! Nae bad for a bit of rape”

Even without the reams of abuse, just reading about their lifestyles makes me heave.

Meanwhile, in the UK, I’ve instantly put my tin foil hat on in response to this:

This stuff was an “open secret” well before he came along.

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The photos were taken in January 2016, after Epstein arrived in New York from an overseas trip, according to the Daily Mail . At least four young women were seen going into the home within a matter of hours.


“I was there, for lunch or chat, nothing else. So what?” said Barak. “I never attended a party with him. I never met Epstein in the company of women or young girls.”

Barak told the Daily Beast that he covered his face because of the January New York weather. “It was so cold, the Middle Easterner had to put on a hat.”

Is there a good long read article on this for total noobs to the whole thing?

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i have no idea what to make of this carl beech business. but even if he really did make up all that, and he is himself a paedo, i keep coming back to this:

the dossier was handed to leon brittan…and then vanished.

Barry Dickens has said of the dossier that he would like Brittan to “name the very next person he handed it on to”, adding “And where did it end up? There must have been a person who was the last to handle it…My father thought that the dossier at the time was the most powerful thing that had ever been produced, with the names that were involved and the power that they had.”[10] Barry Dickens also said that his father’s flat in London and his constituency home were subsequently broken into and ransacked the same week that the dossier was handed over, but nothing was taken.[10] Dickens said that “They weren’t burglaries… They were break-ins for a reason. We can only presume they were after something that dad had that they wanted.”[10]

so my theory is that david boies has been appointed to represent the epstein victims precisely because he is incompetent:

In his 2001 book, prosecutor and author Vincent Bugliosi criticized Boies’ abilities as a trial lawyer, arguing that Boies “wasn’t forceful or eloquent at all in making his points” in Bush v. Gore . “[A]lthough he seemed to have a very good grasp of the facts, he seemed completely incapable of drawing powerful, irresistible inferences from those facts that painted his opposition into a corner”.[34]

and will happily carry water for the evil machinations of the trump/clinton/blair crime syndicates as he did for harvey fucking weinstein:

In 2017, Boies’ firm reportedly directed private intelligence company Black Cube to spy on alleged victims of Harvey Weinstein’s sexual abuse and on reporters who were investigating Weinstein’s actions.[35] Over the course of a year, Weinstein had Black Cube and other agencies ““target,” or collect information on, dozens of individuals, and compile psychological profiles that sometimes focussed on their personal or sexual histories.” [36][37][38] A few days later, The New York Times announced it had “terminated its relationship” with Boies’ firm.[39]

the fix is in

The Miami herald ones posted at the start of the thread should cover it

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Not going to lie, the sheer scale of this stuff makes me want to throw up. You couldn’t make it up, because no one has that twisted an imagination.

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