jeffrey epstein

oh boy they sent andrew to belgium, they probably reckon the belgians would know how to look after his kind of VIP(aedo) if you know what i mean

this can be answered by figuring out why you would stay friends with a child trafficker after 2008


Not sure if it’s been posted already, but if not here’s the article she’s talking about:


@hanshotfirst as per your request sir please find attached lmao


initially read this and imagined someone dressing up as epstein and going to court


billy g: nailed on ped?

this whole MIT affair is disgraceful.


Just. Fuck reality.


my brain when

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I’m getting involved with local politics/campaigning in my spare time, which has managed to stop me diving down this mad fucking rabbit hole of unbelievable things constantly being exactly as true, as I would be a flat earther within like 3 years.


imagine the level of psychopathy it takes to 1) say child abuse victims are actually experiencing hysterical false memories, while 2) still being associated with dersh in 2019, and 3) selling yourself as the calm rationalist on your podcast every week.

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well intentioned she may be but “we were prevented from networking” isn’t really the biggest crime here is it

reading up on his scientific connections and interest in physics and CERN and i dug up this, vaguely remember seeing clickbaity headlines at the time and figured it was geeks doing some low rent bit to try and go viral. then i watched it…

just that classic prank where you hire a 10ft tall stone statue of the hindu god of destruction and a load of dark robes and that, and pretend to stab a woman to death, to create an 80 second phone clip, that doesn’t do great numbers, and nobody ever copped to dreaming it up, that totally normal classic prank. wtf is going on with the nerds dude.

It’s really crazy. There have been a bunch of times in Revisionist History that I’ve been a bit weirded out by his take or just how he approaches stuff (like the episode where Jordan Peterson comes up but is just referenced as a guy into Lobsters at Gladwell’s old uni) but this seems utterly screwed. I think this is the logical end to him trying to play devil’s advocate with stuff, particularly as with the latest Revisionist History episodes where he seems to be looking for items to try to be controversial about.

(The free chapter from that book he had at the end of the last series was by far the most interesting thing he’d done in Season 4 although it wasn’t about this.)

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I’m just concerned you’re implying this was a real thing that happened and has been covered up?

Because I think you’re definitely going over the edge here if that’s the case and you need to pull back a bit!!

no no, just pointing out how this weird idea of humour and cutesy nods to occultism and suchlike is embedded in lots of these elite institutions. like the sex abuse skull and bones members subject new recruits to at yale, the “burning of cares” at bohemian grove, etc. utterly bizarre stuff. and like this CERN thing, who thought this was a good idea for a prank? “oh here we are in a place riddled with sex pests, in a field generally excluding of women, let’s do a mock sacrifice of a woman to be epic”. fkn weirdos.

I mean, I know a lot of people who work for CERN and most of them are just bookish and socially awkward nerdy types. Gonna guess this doesn’t reflect the views of the organisation. Obviously, anyone who took part is a fucknut. Probably led by Oxbridge PhD students who are used to weird culty rituals.

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You could at least tag him


The statue of shiva is permanent


ah okay that makes more sense.

probably i’m reading too much into the sexism and whatnot, this is just a bad goofy joke and the “victim” happens to be a woman. but it’s more weirdness isn’t it…like i started off reading about epstein and his unhealthy interest in science > oh he’s friends with lawrence krauss > oh krauss is also a sex pest who is linked to CERN > oh look at this, a weird prank at CERN revolving around cults and sacrifice, etc.