jeffrey epstein

Ok engaging with this, maybe against my better judgement, how do you know this? I mean it as a genuine question, not as a way of trying to prove anyone wrong or anything like that

Every time this thread is bumped I’m like oh fuckkkk what now


My job brings me into contact with animators and graphic designers from time to time. They have stories about the creepy older men in the industry that cherrypick the acting and VA talent, based upon how they look and what they can discern about the parents in interview. Child acting on its own merits is a very grey area morally and there’s people out there desparate to make their kids famous, particularly now.

The animators themselves don’t give me good vibes. There’s a certain type of guy that gets involved in children animation - ones that don’t seem to get out much and have underage anime avatars. Jenny Nicholson did a nuanced deep dive into the brony phenomenon, which is worth watching on its own merits and gives a good idea of the kind of unhealthy sexuality that shows for little girls tends to attract. I’m not tarring them all with that brush by any means, it’s just the ones I’ve met.

Couple that with the actual activity and allegations mentioned above to do with Nickolodeon mentioned up there: It strikes me as odd, to say the least, that although the media usually goes hysterical over allegations of pedophilia, this stuff tends to just skim by unremarked. I think there’s a lot of people out there who know stuff that aren’t saying shit right now to protect their jobs and families.

Anyways none of it on its own amounts to much. Together and the whole industry gives me a very bad feeling.


You know what? This has at least made me relieved that I can see how people were suckered by QAnon. You still have to be desperately wanting this stuff to be true to buy into it but I can at least see the narrative

Cool. Thanks man. That’s a good response

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ahoy kermo. upthread there is a bunch of stuff i posted on schneider, there is a lot of dirt on that guy, crazy days and nights have been dropping blinds about him for years. rumour is there was supposed to be a big dirt drop on him last year, and it was going to spark a #metoo for the children’s entertainment industry that would have also taken down what is referred to as “the dreamworks circle”, and “the disney ring”, but he got his guardian angel sumner redstone (viacom founder and another friend of jeff) to send a battalion of scumbag lawyers after the ex-starlets and eyewitnesses.

incidentally, the character gary oldman plays in hannibal is said to be based on redstone. the stories about redstone are themselves pretty horrifying.


Sumner Redstone died a couple of days ago, didn’t he?

(he was 97, so nothing suspicious or anything)

he did. this is a surprisingly critical obit for a starfucking/epstein-protecting rag like vanity fair, speaks to the greed and psychopathy of the man:

Thank you, will go back and reread- there’s just so much!!!

Also, jfc


Every time you think the rabbit hole has bottomed out, there’s just more. It’s one of the things that is so terrifying about all this. Take care going into it, I mean it: it completely fucked me up when I started piecing all the bits together.


Just spent an hour or so on the Jenny Nicholson report and it’s really good.

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this is longgg


Just reading it now.
Shockingly, it’s grim reading.

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That book synopsis made me want to hurl.

dusting off the tinfoil bonnet

great link. it’s incredible how often you read about him practically screaming what was really going on, what his operation really was.

also he once described himself as being a “financial bounty hunter for the CIA”, which gives us another interesting link.

sara bronfmann, who funded the NXIVM cult, was connected to epstein through her father and les wexner. her husband, basit igtet, is also a self-described “financial bounty hunter” and was involved in lobbying for military action against libya. he was then appointed to the national transitional council and his main job was to find where gaddafi had hidden his money.

this libya connection is also interesting because ghislaines nephew worked under hillary at the state department when she was telling horror stories about massacres that weren’t happening to get the no fly zone implemented. he worked at the bureau for near eastern affairs; george mitchell recommended him. mitchell was also directly accused by virginia of participating in the syndicate activities.

also the NXIVM cult had a bunch of “rainbow centres” for the children of wealthy members all over the world, where they were given an “alternative education”. conditioning the next generation of blackmailers/blackmailees?


This bit is good:

After Epstein’s arrest in 2019, a media narrative coalesced around the question of his strange place in the global elite: Epstein the master salesman, a man who had skillfully conned his way into the world’s most powerful circles, fooling everyone in the process. But after my travels through the book, after hearing more of the petty gossip and childish drama of the people who rule our world, I realized this was obviously incorrect. Built into the premise of Epstein the mastermind scammer is the notion that some kind of legitimate path to a legitimate global aristocracy exists. To call Epstein a grifter is to assume he circumvented some genuine meritocratic world order, where the “real” virtuosos dutifully climb the “real” ranks into the oligarchy, powered by nothing but their native talents.

The truth is that the elite world that Epstein ascended into, the one I tapped into by way of the black book, is populated with hordes of loathsome, boring, untalented people living their bumbling, idiotic lives while just so happening to wield some share of the preposterous global bounty that he and the rest were after. For all the mystery surrounding Epstein’s fortune, its existence is hardly more inscrutable than the wealth of any of his other billionaire peers. He earned it the same way they all did, which is to say precisely not at all.

This wasn’t some masterful hack into the global aristocracy. It’s what everyone does. It’s what the whole thing is. There is no scam here. It’s grifters grifting grifters all the way down.