Jeffrey Lewis

I’ve got 2x tickets for Jeffrey Lewis at the Lexington on Monday. If anyone fancies them let me know - just want them to find a home!

Sent you a message.

New track is right good, no reinvention but I like what he does

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This was one of my favourites from the work in progress show he did

It’s been a week and the new LP is really really really really really really good.


happy to hear an ode to cheap CDs as an alternative to expensive vinyl. relatable content.

i’ve only really dipped in and out of his work in the past and saw him play a fun solo show last year, but this new album is really great and i’m gonna be listening to it a lot i think.


Keith Harris.
Skye Ferreira.

Just listened to the new record and it’s great isn’t it?

Not sure why but i wasn’t going to bother. I think maybe my lack of interest in his covers/side projects and also that his voice seemed to be getting more nasal.

It’s been roughly 4 years since his last album of original material when previously he’d put a record out every couple of years so maybe it has just benefitted from a bit more time and a bit more craft?

Anyway I really like it.

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definitely recognise Where is the Machine and i think Dogs of my Neighbourhood from this show. always a good sign when you recognise a song after hearing it once live a year and a half previously

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Really enjoying the new album. He’s so funny at times.

Think this + Manhattan have been a real uptick for him.

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