Jellyfish 'Spilt Milk' is a masterpiece (tracks poll)

  • Hush
  • Joining a Fan Club
  • Sebrina, Paste, and Plato
  • New Mistake
  • Glutton of Sympathy
  • The Ghost at Number One
  • Bye Bye Bye
  • All Is Forgiven
  • Russian Hill" (Sturmer)
  • He’s My Best Friend
  • Too Much, Too Little, Too Late
  • Brighter Day

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New Mistake and All is Forgiven are my two favorites currently but I’ve about seven of these tracks as my favorite for at any given point.

they were so ridiculously tight

another performance of the same song

f me these vocals from 2:30-3:00 chefs_kiss.gif

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I’ve never heard anything by this band. Gonna download the album to listen to on the way to work tomorrow

a power-pop masterpiece, i tell you.

well up for some power pop what with all the sunny weather.

nice one, nabbed it on spotify. will report back :+1:

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nice, jazzyb loves her some power pop!


Never heard of them.

Not sure even what power-pop is!

My mate at sixth form was majorly into Bellybutton (that’s how old I am) but I was never convinced. The only song I know is The King Is Half Undressed so can’t vote in your poll shippers, sorry.


Are they better or worse than…

Cheap trick?

Ohhhh tough one really. They are … different? but within the same framework I guess. I love Cheap Trick and they have the luxury of longevity, Jellyfish only have two records and their debut doesnt really do much for me. But I would put this up against any of Cheap Trick’s first five album and could make a case. CT were a little more rockin I guess, where JF lean a little more to beach boys harmonies and queen bombast/theatrics (turned way down tho). Pretty much every song on here takes some kind of unexpected turn, lot’s of key shifts and tempo changes. For you I might try All Is Forgiven first, if you like it well enough then dive in.

yeah it’s weird for me I’ve tried with their debut and not sure why it doesnt connect with me exactly the same. could be the production? the The King Is Half Undressed is good but idk something about it doesnt quite seem as realized as what came later, the elements are there but they turned everything up a tad for Spilt Milk.

Hey you could always listen to it soon and come back and vote my man!

Wouldnt be surprised if their album covers turned some people completely off as well. Dont think I could even dream up two worse covers if I tried.

m/l the continuation of brit pop i guess. a cross between the who and the syrupy melodic sensibilities of the Beach Boys. big star, the raspberries, cheap trick and later like uh weezer a bit.

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1993! I was just assuming this was a modern band. I am listening to this album now on Spotify. The first track sounds like Queen.

yeah they do some queen stuff with their vox for sure

Well yeah but TBH I’m enjoying this but I definitely wasn’t expecting a sort of late 70s pop rock style at all. I mean there’s a lot more stuff going on here than a band like Weezer. Actually reminds me a bit of Mr Bungle, Peter Gabriel’s first solo album as well as the aforementioned 70s post-Beatles stuff.*

*edit I guess I mean stuff like Badfinger?

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Yeah Badfinger for sure. Mr Bungle is a strange connect I hadnt made but I guess i can hear some of that. PGabriel another comp i hadnt thought of but yeah kinda makes sense! something like excuse me wouldnt be out of place on spilt milk.