Jen Cloher

Anyone here been listening to her new album with her wife Courtney Barnett on guitar?

Liking it a lot.

Great album, though i think the previous album is heaps better

I feel sorry for her in that in every interview she has done to promote the new album she has to answer questions about what CB is up to

Yeah good point. To be fair, the only reason I heard about her was that someone posted a photo of her playing an instore in Brisbane on Facebook with Courtney Barnett tagged in it.

Will give In Blood Memory a spin, cheers for the tip.

didn’t know they were married, that’s nice. been meaning to check this album out.

Great LP, really enjoying it.

mind you, she lays the relationship pretty open and bare on this album

Loving this album! I didn’t know about the the Cloher/Barnett relationship!! Where was I living? :sweat_smile:

  1. Grizzly Bear
  2. Liars
  3. Soccer Mommy

A strong end to the month. Really enjoyed the Jen Cloher record, but it just misses out.

loving this album, had it on order with recordstore for a few weeks now (“takes 5-7 days to ship”)
wishing I’d ordered from rough trade instead

been meaning to set up a thread to ask if anyone had heard the older stuff, so thanks for the tip @PaintyCanNed

All of a sudden this album clicked. It’s brilliant.

She reminds me of Jenny Toomey’s band Tsunami from the 90s?

was my AOTY in the end
great gig in Cardiff last time
looking forward to the brum one on this tour in a couple of weeks

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It’s been a minute eh?

New album out March 3rd