Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck finally got married at the weekend and is here for it

A real shame :frowning:

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Am I correct in thinking they’ve been married before?

  • Yes
  • No

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Engaged but not married.


Beniffer or Jaffleck

  • bennifer
  • jaffleck

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I don’t know much about either of them, best wishes I guess?

She’s a multi-talented singer, dancer, actor and businessperson whilst he is an Academy Award winning screenwriter, director and actor.

That’s fair, I do know those things, but it tells me very little of matters of the heart.

There’s a feature length documentary on Netflix about Jennifer Lopez you could watch for more insight into her as a human being

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No thank you.



Ben “how do you like them apples”
Jenni “they’re lovely thankyou darling, everything tastes sweeter now we’ve shared our commitment to each other with the world”



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This is an uncharacteristically sweet piece of posting, thank you for opening your heart x

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All I did was change the surname from the classic shortened Lo to the newly shortened Aff but thankyou

I don’t like their portmanteau. It’s no Brangelina, Kimye or Tomkat (though given how all those ended that may bode well for the happy couple).

They’re both rich as fuck but always wonder when people discuss the prenup stuff. Must be a real mood killer. A week after proposal? Seconds after? Propose and then in the ring box is a financial contract?

Don’t be so cynical, it will take years off you

Fighting over the Malibu condo for years will take years off you! And don’t I know it!


Holla we want pre nup!!


She should also be an Academy Award winner for her performance in Hustlers