Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck finally got married at the weekend and is here for it


(Or at the very least a nominee, fucking absurd that she missed out that year and very indicative of how bad the academy remains)


Hustlers and Support the Girls coming out close together was a very fortuitous piece of scheduling, both properly excellent, way above what I was expecting, showcases of great acting, lots of good thematic overlaps

(the ending of STG was instantly one of my favourite film endings ever)


Read the thread, clown

I meant who is

Oh right, sorry. That’s a very good question actually…

Her Criminal performance in Hustlers is next level. I was simply gagged watching this film in the cinema. (3:18 onwards)


(This isn’t that kind of thread but that scene is borderline dangerous and should be illegal to be on a big screen in some ways)


Yeah he might need it one day

Ben Affleck’s entire career is confusing to me, but I’m happy that they’ve found true love. Again.

I like to think she serenaded him with a rendition of the song ‘marry me (say yes)’ from the hit motion picture ‘Marry Me’ (2022)

Maybe Ben did the bastian parts



insight based on Succession and not lived experience

I think when you’re that rich the truth is you don’t discuss it. Your lawyers discuss it, and each partner talks with their own lawyer only.

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She’s just Jenni from the B(en Aff)leck

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Jennifer @Lo-Pan


Do they have children? I think Ben has kids but not sure about Jennifer. Maybe they had children together that time. Who knows?
Anyway, I’m very happy for them and I hope any children they have (if they even exist) are too.

Jenny has children, yeah

Marrying the person you were with 20 years ago:

  • Sorry, no - irreconcilable differences (eg. you still haven’t forgiven them for playing Butterfly by Crazy Town on repeat on the drive between Wigan and Newquay)
  • Go on then, I’m not busy and really would like their mum to make those amazing meatballs for me again

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