Jenny Hval Time

New album streaming on NPR.

Only listened to it once so far but I approve. Developing from the previous album rather than reinventing I’d say. Sweet.

Sounds ace to me, although admittedly that is on the basis of one background listen whilst I did other stuff, which has to be the worst way to listen to JH. Looking forward to proper headphone time.

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I’ve heard it twice through. Sounds excellent. Maybe better than her last.

The Plague was pretty jarring on first listen…but that kind of thing is to be expect on a Hval record, I’m sure I’ll re-evaluate when I’ve listened to what’s going on properly.

Aside from that, it’s probably her “warmest” record in terms of sound. Big thumbs up from me.

Is anyone else going to the London show tonight?

Not sure. I have a ticket but it’s been a long day at work (I’m still at work). She’s on at 9:30pm. I’ll see how I feel. She was great at Café Oto touring her last record.

Just go…she might have a paddling pool with her.

I’ve chickened out and heading home. I want some rest in before the presidential debate. I’ve got a 9am start tomorrow too. I’ve had a few gigs this week; Angel Olsen on Monday, Wovenhand yesterday and The Pretenders tomorrow.

Booo. Jenny Hval will be more entertaining than the presendential debate.

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Seeing her on Monday. Can’t wait.

I very much understand your comment now.

Fair enough. How were Angel Olsen and Wovenhand? I heard the new Pretenders single the other day on the radio, really quite liked it!

Both Angel Olsen and Wovenhand were great. I’ve seen one version of The Pretenders at The Shepherds Bush Empire maybe six or seven years ago and Chrissie Hynde at The Royal Festival Hall in 2014. Tonight’s gig is at a new venue called Omeara near Southwark. It’s supposed to be a small venue around 350 people. Apparently, it’s a business venture from one guy from Mumford and Sons. I hope they don’t get small bands that tend to play places like Oslo, Moth Club etc. in Hackney. Being selfish they’re far easier venues for me to get to.

Ah cool, well I hope their good!

I hadn’t heard about that place - let us know what it’s like! Having to travel further is always a pain especially as I’m coming from outside of London. Getting to and from Oslo was fairly painless though last night. Somehow managed to get back before midnight.

New EP, first song is good!

Also has a novel coming out apparently?


Yep the book’s out in October on Verso who are the best, I’m mega excited for it!

She’s so good, Blood Bitch is amazing


Nice one!

Got this next weekend too.–-Jenny-Hval

This track is maybe my favourite Jenny Hval song. So great.

This track is incredible. So glad she makes music.


Anyone else listening to the Lost Girls E.P. ? Pretty much my favourite release of the year so far.