Jens Lekman

There’s a new tour announced with UK dates:

Presume some new material soon too? Hope he’s cheered up a bit since his last record, prefer his more pop/ melancholy moments.

I missed out on tickets for the Oslo, Hackney gig but try and get some for next year. Seen him twice before and it really depended on the venue. Great at Hackney Empire but a bit rubbish at Heaven.

I’ve definitely read somewhere that a new album was coming soon.

I also need to catch up on half of his weekly postcard tracks. Anyone have any favourites?

He was working on a new record last year when he was doing those postacrds. Still sounded pretty sad, but I thought I know what love isn’t was great!

David Sekman

John Luhic

Rami Skabaan

Rickard Wrigkt

Kindly fuck off

fuch off*

Postcards 14, 17 and 29 are all great. Jens at his best, funny, clever, touching, stonking tunes.

Ah awesome! I’ll hunt them down and let you know what I think :slight_smile:

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Luhas Fabianshi

New album


God I love Jens. The tracklisting includes “How We Met, The Long Version” which is almost certainly a version of my fave track from his postcards:

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Just stuck on Night Falls over Kortedala :slight_smile:


Just trying to think of more goalkeepers

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Jerseh Dudeh

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Does anyone know where I can get Oh You’re So Silent on mp3? Don’t have a CD player anymore and it’s not on Spotify. Can’t buy it through his site.

I recognise that production. It’s a flip of this. Remember dancing to this on a sunny day at Primavera a few years back

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