Jeremy Hunt


“For example, I just ask myself the simple question as to why it is that you can’t prevent the texting of sexually explicit images by people under the age of 18, if that’s a lock that parents choose to put on a mobile phone contract. Because there is technology that can identify sexually explicit pictures and prevent it being transmitted.

“I ask myself why we can’t identify cyberbullying when it happens on social media platforms by word pattern recognition, and then prevent it happening. I think there are a lot of things where social media companies could put options in their software that could reduce the risks associated with social media, and I do think that is something which they should actively pursue in a way that hasn’t happened to date.”



What he’s saying is that it’s totally possible to set up your child’s phone so that if a picture of a winky appears on it, it will lock itself and require a parent to unlock it.

Likewise, if you type something a bit naughty on Twitter or whatever your keyboard will blow up and they’ll be no more cyber bullying ever again.


he’s a complete oxygen thief.


You can bone at 16 but not send each other pics of what you did.


Translation: ‘I’m a clueless fuckwit who has no idea how technology works but will say shit that rolls with morons in the provinces. btw I hate the nhs’


The whole governments technology thoughts are exactly like trying to get requirements from people with no technological knowledge at work
"just get the computer to do it"
“How exactly?”
“That’s your job”


proper ‘keyboard smells like hammers’ stuff this


Awful bloke.


“How do we solve this ingrained societal issue?”

“… Apps?”



even, yes & ho!


why are the tories so obsessed with stopping people looking at pictures of willies


Except for Ian Botham, obviously


Deep set guilt complexes.


Because they want the monopoly on the young ones


Stopping people looking at pictures of willies is now a banned act.


Think that’s the BBC’s role.


Why doesn’t he stop asking himself this bullshit and start asking himself why he chose to shaft doctors for absolutely no benefit.


This is why the snoopers charter should have never become law. There’s too many people in government who just don’t understand how this stuff works.


Old people are in charge everywhere and don’t know anything.