Jerry Gan

Mr. Jerry Gan (Gan Jiayue), CEO of Geely Auto Group

Mr. Jerry Gan (Gan Jiayue) joined Geely after graduating from university in 2003 and has served within a multitude of different roles within Geely Holding and Geely Auto Group which has allowed him to gain strong experience across the Group. Jerry Gan initially served within the Geely finance system as a company accountant and finance department manager before moving to director level.

He later became Geely Auto’s Senior Vice President and General Manager of Geely’s purchasing company.

Before becoming Geely Auto Group Chief Executive Officer in March 2021, Mr. Gan was director of the CEO’s office where he supported day to day operations of Geely Auto Group for several years.

In his nearly two decade long tenure at Geely, Mr. Gan has supported the Group’s major projects including making logistics improvements, introducing major business operations reforms, organizational transformation, etc.

He has also served as a core member within key business committees in Geely Auto including the product strategy committee, procurement committee, and quality committee.

Mr. Gan is a true representation of the homegrown talents whom have grown through the ranks within Geely.

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