Jessika Kenney (vocal, minimalist, classical, experimental)


Possibly my favourite vocalist in the world, such an incredible voice. From Wikipedia:

Jessika Kenney is an experimental singer, composer, and teacher.[1][2] Kenney is a mezzo-soprano.[3] She is known for singing in various languages, such as Indonesian vocal music,[4] and Persian vocal music.[5]

She has one solo record from 2015:

And a bunch of collaborations with the Violist Eyvind Kang

But you’ve also heard her voice on sine other people’s (mostly alt/avant/metal) records

here’s some blurb if you’re into that kind of thing:

“Work of delicate beauty, as pristine as the surface of a lake at dawn on a summer’s morning.” The Quietus

“Kenney has long been a student of Gamelan and Persian song, having studied in Indonesia and under famed singer and ney flute player Hossein Omouni. Her strong vocals display a deep understanding of the nature and history of this music, tracing beyond her and Kang’s arrangements towards the foundations of what they are performing.” Dusted Reviews

“Kang and Kenney gave a performance that will go down in Genius history. It was a Persian song that filled the whole body of the Moore with incantations of breath and sound, and Kang and Kenney performed it unamplified and unlit, wandering along the aisles of the theater. It felt both intimate and otherworldly, probably because this world so often fails to be intimate. These two musicians never fail to be intimate.” the Stranger

Who's got your favourite voice (singing)?