Jesus Christ Superstar (Playground Version)

Which version did you have at school? Did you have it at all?

At what point did kids stop singing this in the playground?

Cue numerous young DiSers saying “what the fuck is the daft old git on about?”

  • Yeah, we sang this!
  • Fuck off, grandad!

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came to earth on a yamaha

Hey saps, did you have a playground version of Seasons In The Sun as well?

Georgie Best
Wears frilly knickers and a Playtex bra


Something like “We’d have joy, we’d have fun, kicking (Kid’s name) up the bum, but the joy didn’t last cos the bastard was too fast”


“We’d have joy, we’d have fun, flicking bogies at the sun, but the sun was too hot and it turned them into snot”

I really dont know what song this is

I think my son is banging this out at nursery. Something about my Daddy drives a rusty car.

That’s a 16 plate you ingrate!

However I am far too young for this.

It was the second one for me. The things we had to do as kids to entertain ourselves before the internet, eh?

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I don’t believe I recall this.

1st one for me

Came down from heaven on a Yamaha.

Jesus Christ, Superstar
Came down from heaven on a Yamaha
Pulled a skid, killed a kid,
Cracked his balls on a dustbin lid.

What about the 8 bit version?

saps are you a benny tied to a tree?

Very similar to mine.

But being from Dagenham we sang “done a skid, killed a kid”.

And occasionally “wore frilly knickers and a see-through bra”

Anything’s possible.

Fuck! If only I’d been that smart when I was eleven.

I mean I know the song, I just don’t recall playground renditions of it.


“Spiderman, Spiderman…”