Jesus this is horrible

The main changes for customers applying from outside the UK are:

  • all phone numbers and opening hours will change
  • the number of languages offered is reducing to 8 including English
  • customers who contact UK Visas and Immigration by email will be charged £5.48

I might start charging a fiver for every email I send at work from now on.

Aye, could use that extra tenner a week!!!


Rainy fascist island does it again! Hope we sink!!!


Hold on, they’ve privatised visas, (and by proxy, immigration??) wtf corbyn get on this NOW

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One of my friends is married to an american. They’ve been married for three years now, and only recently managed to get a visa to live together legally over here after being sent through endless Kafkaesque bureacratic trials and demands for this fee here, that surprise new fee there.

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It’s absolutely insane. My wife and I are in the same boat and have just applied for the visa. Probably looking at a good £2.5k at least to be able to live together legally here for a whole 3 years. Then we’ll have to do it all again.

I might start charging for every like I generate.


Yup. Tis what we did. Due to reapply soon. Fffuuu.