Jet lag

In this ITT thread, we discuss methods to overcome jetlag and say “I refuse to be affected by you!” in its stupid little face:

  • Get as much sleep on the plane as you can. It won’t be proper sleep so the more the better. If you’re having trouble sleeping, just close your eyes and force it, an angry sleep if you will. Might not work for everyone, but the angry sleep has worked for me plenty of times, wears you out.
  • Don’t drink booze on the flight. I offer this one as a what you should do, but of course it’s not what I actually do at all.
  • Eat in your new time-zone schedule as quickly as possible. Your system needs to adapt to breakfast / lunch / dinner times, and even if you’re not hungry and can only eat a little, you should eat in your new time zone as quickly as possible.
  • Don’t nap. Stay awake as long as possible and get into that new time-zone sleep pattern as quickly as possible. If you’re exhausted going to bed, you’re more likely to sleep through the night.
  • Surround yourself with people who aren’t jetlagged. If you’re only hanging out with other people who are jetlagged in the same way, you will both lull yourself into tiredness. Hang out with awake people and let their awakeness be contagious.
  • Do physical exercise. Doesn’t have to be much, but make sure that you make yourself physically tired during the day too. Don’t push it too hard, but make sure you do it.

Any others?

Pretend that the time difference doesn’t exist given we just made it up anyway

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Sit backwards in your seat


What’s the smallest length of time change that could cause jet lag?

Fly short haul so the jet lag isn’t bad


1 day recovery per hour time difference. However if it’s less than 6 then you probably will barely notice it as our sleep patterns are fucked at the best of times.

Jetlag would be a cool name for a child

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Jetlag Coleslaw


We knew someone call Kennard, a mate suggested she should call her son Fu!!!



Really boring super hero.




I’m glad that someone has taken this serious thread seriously.

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I think it’s illegal to buy (or needs a prescription) in the UK, and certainly illegal in some countries, so in our pre-parent lives we took it before we went through customs, so as to consume any evidence.

I have tried everything and the only thing that works is this:

  • random chance

Most times you feel shit and occasionally you don’t. Melatonin has helped me get to sleep on a plane at a time I wouldn’t normally get to sleep, but I still felt shit when I got home.

West -> East is worse than East -> West

I think some of the frequent flier recommendations like no booze, comfy clothes, light meal, eye masks, wear hideous pyjamas etc are actually just tribal signifiers to advertise their status as frequent fliers. Better to stuff your face and get pissed.

Edit: think the exercise one probably works too actually.

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Make sure this video is fully buffered, or you have a stable Internet connection before hitting play

Let jag

Never had it, doesn’t exist

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