JFK Papers (no sheeple allowed)

The remaining JFK assassination papers are supposed to be released later this month. Bit interested as it’s the only tin foil hat conspiracy I think could have some meat behind it.

Do you think there was substantially more to the jfk assassination than the public were told about?

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I used to. Was quite obsessed with it all but after everything I read, the most compelling stuff I read pointed to Oswald acting alone. Obviously the warren report was a joke and I think that in trying to save a lot of embarrassment for high ranking people they made it seem like they were covering something up.

Would really recommend reading Norman Mailer’s book Oswald’s Tale. It’s an amazing and as wide-ranging a character study as there will ever be of LHO.

This errol morris short is good too

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I just don’t get the assassination of Oswald after the shooting though. I think oswald’s motives can kind of be explained, as can the bullet trajectories etc.

It’s mainly that.

thought this thread was because the sun had done something awful again

Btw read something on reddit earlier where people were asked what the most surprising thing to come out of the papers would be

‘Kennedy shot first’ had me in a fit of silent, ashamed giggles for a few minutes’


Also, no sheeple!!!

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is the film JFK good?



yeah but Jack Ruby was a deeply unstable character. it could well be that some mob ordered a hit on Oswald but not necessarily for those reasons, and the way that it played out defies any kind of notion of planning or forethought. he was on his way to the post office to mail a cheque or something and happened to walk in to the police station at just the right time. oswald’s transfer didn’t happen at the time that anybody thought it would. it was dumb luck that he was there… OR WAS IT!!!

later in his life when Ruby started hinting that he “knew more”, it was always to curry favour for himself, to get transferred to a different prison or whatever, and whatever it was he died with it.

p.s. fair warning to anybody thinking of replying to me, i will bore your tits off about literally any element of this.


i kind of like it but it’s very silly. though Gary Oldman as Oswald is one of my favourite performances of all time.


there was a documentary recently that argued that a secret service agent accidentally shot kennedy while turning to return fire at Oswald. was a decent watch:

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For the record, my theory:

JFK was shot by Oswald alone, whose real motives we’ll never actually know, but I suspect that given his affiliations with both far right and left groups and the ussr, had something to do with fuelling discontent in the states by finally having a platform. Fearing further instability at home and of the soviets viewing them as weak, the US intelligence services arranged for Oswald to be assassinated prior to the trial.

read the norman mailer book, seriously!

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okay! (Ta)

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I used to love it when I was much younger. There are some wonderfully camp performances from Kevin Bacon, Joe Pesci and Tommy Lee Jones as well.

Not convinced there is anything more to it than we already know tbh. Can understand people going down conspiracy routes to try and make sense of it, somehow. But, I don’t buy it.

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joe pesci is off the fucking scale in that film! such an insane performance.

i think there is more to know in one sense, clearly there were avenues that were obstructed and the exact nature of oswald’s relationship with certain players (especially de mohrenshildt and the CIA) still aren’t really fully known, but i don’t think they’ll change much when all’s said and done tbh.


Also think that if the papers are released relatively in-tact, they’d reveal Kennedy to be a much more philandering corrupt piece of shit than what is already known.

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It was the cigarette smoking man

one of the worst episodes ever :smile: