NSFW. Not safe for STDs or pregnancy either, by the look of things.





This seems deeply unsettling. What sort of horror is unleashed when you take it off/out?


Err. What?


Jiftip is going straight into my insult vocabulary.


Fucking hell




Aye this is crying out for a lawsuit the moment some poor bastard douses his bellend in bleach.


What the fuck? So you stick a plaster over the… hole? and then pull out when you cum and take the… plaster? thing off and that’s fine is it?




I really don’t get it. Seems to say you have to remove it before you…finish. So what’s the point?




Or entertainment.


"Peel it off before you feel the urge to climax, no scrambling at the last second. "

you fucking what? i don’t understand the mechanics of how this is supposed to work


Withdrawal method, plus you get to take the top layer of skin off your tip.


Reading their site just makes me angry. What does ‘no questions - no returns’ mean?! None of it makes sense! ARRRGHH!


must not google penis clamps.
must. not.


Quite tempted to set up a LarryYes account.


You secrete during sex so if you’re planning on pulling out you can still end up with a chance of pregnancy, IIRC.

This is just fucking weird as a concept, though.


seems like they’re suggesting that if you then wanted to, erm, finish elsewhere, you…

why am I even talking about this