Do you enjoy doing jigsaws? What are your favourites?
Are there any good jigsaws for adults? Where do you buy them?

This is obviously a question about jigsaws as in pictures you construct instead of thinking about death, not motorised cutting machine penis extensions although frankly if you want to talk about those too who the hell am I to stop you?

Completed one over a few evenings a few months back. I found it very relaxing in a kind of mindful way, I think? I also felt like I was using my brain properly for the first time in ages. Was one of the only things I have done recently (apart from cycling) where I don’t reach for my phone / the internet constantly.

Getting one for my Ma’s 64th I reckon but no idea where I can purchase them. Toy stores…?

John Lewis do them (RAVENSBURGER or whatever the brand is called).

Bit like a really, really shit board game, aren’t they.

Not really sure something can get shitter than a board game pal

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How about: a board game that’s sort of like competitive jigsaw building? Because that exists and it’s called Patchwork.

They’re basically all for adults, aren’t they? I don’t think kids have the patience or the appreciation of not thinking about stuff to tackle your average jigsaw.


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The Works always have loads.

Don’t think I’ve done a jigsaw since I was a kid, tbh.

There’s definitely a significant proportion designed and marketed towards children, whether they can fully recognise the zen aspects or not

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Used to love them as a kid/teenager - think I found it really soothing. Haven’t done one since I was like 16 though apart from one that one of my younger brothers got me for Christmas in the year he discovered personalised gift websites. It’s of the two of us on a tour of Old Trafford :grinning:


You’ve obviously not done enough holidays with mates in cottages.

JFC, remind me never to go on holiday with you and your mates.


Remember there was a jigsaw type puzzle (I think you had to fit shapes together, but there wasn’t a picture on it) and it was supposed to be really difficult and the first person to complete it would get like a million pounds?

Because I can only barely remember it. I’ll Google it.

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Playing it coy with the jigsaw facts

THIS: https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Eternity_puzzle

Load of shit.