Jim Bowen RIP



Read his autobiography the other day. It was so good I finished it IIIIN OOONE


Fuck. Probably the best ever quiz show (plus fifteen to one).


feel really bad for good celebs who die the same day as bigger celebs, relegated down the news rankings :frowning:



Play this at my funeral.


surely the minor version when you don’t win the boat is better for that


Yeah poor Stephen Hawking :frowning:


My fav Bowen memory is of him swearing on The James Whale Show when he thought that we as off camera.

He went back on the following week to apologise, predominantly to his wife who apparently had never in all their years of marriage heard him swear before.



Ah, definitely not super, smashing or great.

I was watching random clips on Youtube earlier too, and this came up…

Mad skills.


caravan with a massive bow <3 simpler times


laughed at the prize reveal.

simpler times.


And the sheer joy of winning it. People were fucked off going home with 64k on WWTBaM.


Walking With Tommy Ball at Midday


simpler tournoi


one of the reasons Pointless is undisputably the Best Quiz On TV these days is the fact that everyone on it knows they’re probably going home with fuck all, even the winners, and are just there for the fun of it.






you are bradley walsh and i claim my £5


Not fuck all. The winners get the trophy. And they WANT the trophy.