Jimmy Eat World


I think I could honestly make a case for


being two of the best pop songs ever written. They’re just basically perfect.




Not for me, @Antpocalypsenow.

Belter of an album though.


100% correct


Probably just from it being overplayed but I’d go as far as saying I hate the Middle. So annoying.

Fucking love the rest of the album, obviously. Apart from maybe Hear You Me. If You Don’t, Don’t is probably top 5 songs of all time for me.


I shan’t be swayed. Love The Middle.

I’ve never seen the video before, so I guess I missed the overplayedness of it.


just as a quick aside, Bleed American, ranks alongside Mew’s Frengers for having three absolute massive career defining hits at the beginning of the album.

anyway, that notwithstanding, I love a bit of JEW. seeing them again at Reading Festival a week, pretty much from now, even though they inexplicably are likely to clash with Tigers Jaw, probably the most similar band to them all weekend :angry:


Also don’t forget “If You Don’t Don’t” from that album. Honestly, Bleed American is great start to finish, not a weak moment. Same with Static Prevails and especially Clarity. Clarity is seriously a masterpiece. “Blister” is such a perfectly written song, and those dueling melodies in the bridge.

It drives me nuts when people roll their eyes or laugh dismissively when they’re mentioned, especially “musicians.” Most bands could do themselves a service by listening to their albums repeatedly and learning how to write songs like they did in their prime.


I used to think people who said Static Prevails is the best JEW album were just trying to be contrary and pretentious, but at some point I became one of the them! The harmonies on that album are perfection! Call it in the Air is my favourite JEW song and the run of songs from Rockstar > Claire > Call it in the air is so bloody good.


probably sacrilege but always found Jimmy Eat World to be slightly cringy and shit.

The Pain is alright though


Big fan of The Authority Song. Good album.


A Praise Chorus is incredible. The overlapping lines at the end are magic.


Blister for me Clive.


This album really doesn’t get enough credit, too many people view it as a throwaway. That first five song sequence is really amazing, and then the back half is loaded too with “Caveman” (I love the way it comes out of “Digits” with the crickets), “World Is Static”, and “Robot Factory” which has such a good buildup at the end:


‘If You Don’t Don’t’ is still one of my favourites off that album