Jimothy Lacoste

First heard this guy on Time Crisis and was initially a bit cold but he’s really snuck up on me since, think he’s brilliant. really subtle, all the songs are total earworms, great sense of humour.

This video keeps getting taken down due to compaints by TfL’s legal team, which is funny

This doc-o came out on Fader today


Not sure what to make of him. Cool videos. I saw one where he was train surfing which I thought was pretty ballsy!

The music itself… I dunno. I’ve tried but just don’t think it’s for me.

Subway System is Top 3 songs for me this year. Love that documentary too, what a guy.

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I would say I pretty much hated Getting Busy the first time I heard it. think I had to get sold on the whole package before I started enjoying it

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Sounds interesting. Shoutout to another member of the Crisis Crew :grin:

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I pretty much subscribe to apple music just for TC. Total comfort listening

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Someone rips and uploads them here, but they can be a bit slow uploading sometimes:

Absolutely love Ezra, Jake and Despot though. Their humour is totally in my ballpark, it’s like Adam and Joe all over again

Great find, I never knew this existed. I’d looked into ripping stuff myself but cba

that episode where Despot explains why he refuses to do anything entertaining to pass the time on flights so he can endure the ‘authentic experience’ had me in stitches

Oh I don’t remember that bit! Do you know what episode number that is by any chance :sweat_smile:

There’s a few funny segments I listen back to sometimes… Lonny’s Dad and the chest freezer of McRibs, the story Jake tells of the time he worked at Shop Hoppers in San Francisco and Kirk Hammett from Metallica drove into the tiny underground parking lot in his massive white Escalade and almost scratched it up, and Jake and Ezra’s impression of James Hetfield as a lame libertarian dude saying Trump and Hilary “are all part of the same system”, “just two sides of the same coin maaan”… just does me every time

I have literally no idea, sorry! I feel like it’s within the last year and Despot hasn’t featured in that many since it’s based in LA mainly now, if that helps…

No way. Despot is on this? Big fan of his.

He’s an occasional guest, yeah. He’s in a lot more of the older episodes that were done in New York. And in a few of the recent ones.

Have been rinsing Getting Busy, Future Bae and Subway System all year. Think he’s absolutely brilliant. Fuck TFL for getting Subway System taken down that video is immense.

Might be the most British music I’ve ever heard.


He reminds me a bit of Real Lies and The Rhythm Method. Very London-centric, very esoteric, getting co-signs from similar people.

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The older episodes can be streamed here: Stream vampire-ezra music | Listen to songs, albums, playlists for free on SoundCloud. As navajo says, Despot features on a lot of these.

Unfortunately there doesn’t seem to be a record of who guests on each episode, but I know he does appear on episodes 2, 8, 19, 50, 67, 43, and there’s a segment here: Stream Time Crisis (Despot, Mero, & Desus Cut) by vampire-ezra | Listen online for free on SoundCloud

I forgot they had Desus & Mero on!

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Not surprised Ezra Koenig is in to Jimothy Lacoste given he was mining very similar territory with his old rap group:


Has quietly released his first album today. Appears to have put it out himself which is interesting because I remember he was signed to Black Butter last year.


oh shit