JLaw Butt Offence Discussion / The decline of the Chat Show Format Thread


sucks air through teeth

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Ah damn should have waited to see the hive mind view here if this is an evil thing she gone did

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Leaving aside the cultural insensitivity aspect, it’s one of the worst anecdotes I’ve ever heard.


i keep thinking people mean j-lo when i see j-law written down.

this post feels very theo


That Graham Norton programme is TERRIBLE.

What happened to the funny, naughty, C4 graham norton of the late 90s?

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Did she call him the weakest of the class of '92?


I have no idea why these kind of shows continue to exist


so white

they’re just adverts for films eh. they must get subsidised by film companies?

If you think Norton is bad I hope none of you have seen Alan Carr’s chat show. Fuck. Me.


Aye, just transparent adverts innit. Mind you I shouldn’t be surprised given the amount of people I see whipping their cameras out and taking photos of actual adverts on my walk to and from the station every day.

All chat shows now just seem designed around little skits that they make the guests do, designed to go viral or some shit like that. They’re dreadful.

Also, is it just me or did Jonathan Ross used to get a far higher calibre of guest. I haven’t watched it in years, but every time I flick past it there’s a load of ITV drama actors on it.

great name, tbf


The only good thing about these shows is the occasional time when you have to see like George fucking Clooney or someone pretending to be impressed by some weak Rhod Gilbert material or something


Graham Norton show isnt that bad really, Norton’s pretty funny

Lwarence comes over a bit of a twat in this too, just her trying to show off how normal she is innit


I don’t get chat shows at all. Don’t understand the appeal or why any fucker watches them. It’s just the fucking One Show, but more boring and at 10.30pm, isn’t it?

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Some celebrities are genuinely engaging and interesting enough to enjoy watching them get interviewed (the archive footage of Muhammad Ali on Parkinson being a really obvious example) but it does seem that all they exist for now is to plug a new single/tour/album/film/etc. and 90%+ of celebrities are fucking dull

Tom Hanks is usually good