Jlin - Black Origami


One of my favorite albums of 2015 was Dark Energy so I’m pretty excited! A colab track between her and William Basinski sounds pretty interesting. Wouldn’t expect those two together. Given how utterly aggressive Jlins music can be




Really enjoying The Escape of the Blvck Rxbbit, that vocal sample from The Birds is great.




Listened to it earlier. B really like the spaces in between.



would i be less impressed with her if I was more familiar with other footwork artists? or is she one of a kind?

sounds pretty incredible to my ears, seeing her at BKS is the most i’ve ever enjoyed an electronic set


Bang and Works 2 is a good intro to footwork. There are similarities but I wouldn’t say she sounds like anyone on there.


Nah, Jlin is doing her own thing, only broadly in the same boundaries as other footwork artists but taking it in a different direction.
I’m no expert, although I’ve been listening to this stuff a lot, and Jlin has a really distinctive sound and ‘ambition’ (for want of a less shitty phrase) that’s exciting.