Jlin - Black Origami

One of my favorite albums of 2015 was Dark Energy so I’m pretty excited! A colab track between her and William Basinski sounds pretty interesting. Wouldn’t expect those two together. Given how utterly aggressive Jlins music can be

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Really enjoying The Escape of the Blvck Rxbbit, that vocal sample from The Birds is great.

Listened to it earlier. B really like the spaces in between.

would i be less impressed with her if I was more familiar with other footwork artists? or is she one of a kind?

sounds pretty incredible to my ears, seeing her at BKS is the most i’ve ever enjoyed an electronic set

Bang and Works 2 is a good intro to footwork. There are similarities but I wouldn’t say she sounds like anyone on there.

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Nah, Jlin is doing her own thing, only broadly in the same boundaries as other footwork artists but taking it in a different direction.
I’m no expert, although I’ve been listening to this stuff a lot, and Jlin has a really distinctive sound and ‘ambition’ (for want of a less shitty phrase) that’s exciting.

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