Joanna Newsom now on streaming sites?

Am I late to the party on this or is this a new development?

Don’t know about elsewhere but she’s been on Apple Music for at least a year

Drag City just entered the streaming world in April, loads covered on linked thread.

I obviously didn’t read far enough into that thread and also did not know she was on Drag City :blush: So she’s probably been up since March/April and I had no idea :roll_eyes: oh well this is fantastic news no matter how far behind I am in getting it… time for some harp

Think she still refuses to put her stuff on Spotify but is on lots of others. Not really sure what the distinction is.

‘Spotify is the banana of the music industry’ it’s hard to row back from such harsh words


Don’t know why it bothers me, I have all her albums on my phone anyway, but it does

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